Cost of living in the Army

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by wingy24, Dec 10, 2006.

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  1. Can someone please inform me about the cost of living in the Army as a new recruit?

    I'm hopefully joining the sappers as a draughtsman early next year and was just wondering how much it costs to live. The reason I want to know is I am in a little bit of dept (manageable) about £220/ month and I would like to work out my finances.

    Could you also include in your replies any extra costs that some of you incur (holidays, trips etc)?

    One more thing, I currently have a house full of stuff. What will I need whilst in the Army and what will I have room for?

    Thanks for any help.....

    Wingy :?
  2. Wingy, have a word with Nighttrained over in the Sapper forum.
    He's just come out of Training (this week) so should be able to give you some idea of what you'll need, etc
  3. Yeah cheers, will do. Just tried to pm him but comes up "no such user"?

    :? :? :? :? :? :? :? :? :? :? :? :? :)

    Can you confirm?


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  5. You don't have to pay anything out. It's already taken out the bank before you see it.

    You'll get a monthly salery on average of £800, after tax, after food + accomandation...after everything.

    On trips everything 90% of the time is paid for.

    Also, on you're first 10 weeks of basic you will only be paid £40(maybe 50) cash in hand. This doesn't mean you're only getting £160 a month. the remaining goes in at the end of your 2nd month. So for the first two months you will NOT be bank paid. So, if you have to pay £220 a month, make sure at least twice that is in there.

    What to take? You will get joining instruction on completion of selections. But take a few sets of civvis, and a sports tracksuit. Which you will only wear at weekends, as in your spare time on a working day your dress will be a military Guci tracksuit.

    Take your ipod, your laptop, whatever, but space is limited. Don't bring TV's or Playstations. Leave all that untill after basic. Usually they take all these valuables off you for the first 6 weeks.

    So inconclusion, don't worry about paying out, as they know you're only getting £40 a week. Where you'll only get to spend in naafi shop.

    After basic, you go to Gibralter Barracks. You have your weekeneds there, you can take anything you won't and you can take your car on camp. Again, you don't need to pay out anything.

    This is all taken from my experiance at Bassingbourn, you'll go to litchfield. So maybe you might not have to suffer £40 a week for 10 weeks. Might be differant, then again it might not.

    Words from my 1st platoon commander was "Whatever you have in your bank is pocket money".

    Good luck with phase 1. Even more good luck with Gib.
  6. Of course the first six month tour you do (probably within a couple of months after training) will sort out any debts you have. Six months in the sand with nothing to buy but chocolate and razor blades will boost the old bank balance no end.
  7. costs me 52p a day for accomodation (i'm in an old block though think its a bit more for the newer ones)

    £3.66 a day for scoff

    we got paid £60 cash in hand for the 1st 5 weeks then a £250 cheque at the end of week 6

    thats what i got in catterick but i presume its the same anywhere you go.
  8. Deveating from the point slightly, but hey ho.

    £3.66 for scoff ! the DMR is only £1.45.

    Anyone know where the missing £2.21 go ???????
  9. Food on operations AFAIK so all the "free" food you get whilst on tour and exercise is paid for during your annual month in unit
  10. i thought it was to pay for chefs electricity kitchen equipment etc
  11. Also pays for food for the CO/RSM etc's horses!