Cost of Living in Perth, Australia

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by Grubby Bum III, May 20, 2012.

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  1. Sorry if this is in the wrong area (mods please change if necessary).

    My daughter has been looking at a job offer in Perth, Australia, which suits her qualifications, but she is a bit concerned at what she has heard about the cost of living.

    Does anyone know what it is like, compared with London?
  2. ******* expensive!

    With regards to the rest of Oz, all due to the two (2) speed economy here thanks to the mining boom. Additionaly, talking to some ex-pat Brits they reckon the cost of living here is way over that in the UK, especially the food.

    Well, that's the bad news, the good is that the weather is hot all year round and the beaches are great....if you don't mind some slightly large really pissed off 'bitey' thingy's.

    Not really painting a pleasant scene am I? Um......I guess what I can say is every Brit I know and their mates seem to reckon it was the best thing emigrating even with all the cost of living increases. It's what you make of it, and also I'm it can't be that shite, can it?
  3. Depends where you are. Perth metro is expensive in terms of accommodation. If you go further out of the metro area the price is reduced, but then you have travel time if you work in the city. The price of utilities in the West have incresed dramatically in the past 2-3 years so expect to pay through the nose for gas and electricity. Prices appart, its a great place to live.
  4. Thanks, guys - daughter is already starting to come to this conclusion, so your comments will come as a real boost. (If she gets the job and goes, I can regain possession of my house here in London ....)
  5. She'll love it mate. A thriving expat community especially down at Rockingham.
  6. As this is the naafi I would like to offer your young and single and daughter a roof over her head for the first few weeks in oz. What it isn't the naafi?

    Cost of living is more but wages are higher, make sure she does some research and doesn't compare her uk salary to Aussie as a direct exchange rate, I'm on about 3 times my uk salary and we ain't keeping up with the jones' that said mrs rawhide doesn't work, sorry she isnt employed.

    Check minim wage over here, it may give you an idea (or not).

    Other than that, what is the worst that can happen? Plenty of job opportunities once you are over here and have a visa.

  7. I reckon you could eat for next to free on bushtucker if you could get a firearms license and a fishing rod , drinking beer with no money could be a problem though .
  8. anyone in their own house in perth or anywhere else in aus still paying for electricity is a total plonker, solar energy is the way to go, our 160qm metre home is totally solar powered, we have gone from 820pounds a year electric and 250 pounds winter heating bill 2 years ago t0 416$ rebate from the govt last year,cost for purchase and installation of solar power 2,800 pounds, so after this december it will have nearly paid for itself,my wife used to live in perth she reckons the climate is a lot better there than here on the darling downs, for some things you do pay more in aus, we did our meat shop for the winter yesterday, 5kilo chicken breast, 5kilo sliced rumpsteak, 10 kilo sirloin on the bone,10kilo pork loin chops, 4 legs of lamb,5kilo,s of lean pork mince, 5 kilos of bratties(Butcher is german)total price 216$ australian, about 160 quidin old money, but a melton pork pie or d&h steak and kidney pud will cost nearly 10 quid a piece.and you can buy beef and pork even cheaper if you buy it by the beast, as we used to do when the kids and grandkids were at home, but as pensioners we couldnot live like this in UK
  9. Err.......not trying to 'scare' off potential immigrants and no the sky isn't falling, but this is a recent article:

    Perth world's 12th most expensive city - The West Australian

  10. fishing 2 weeks a year till the creek dries up, roo and possum butties every day, no taa!!cheapest beer at the moment 44bucks a slab (24 or 30 stubbies)warm, okay if you live in the coast beach fishin but out here in roadtrain country,you would starve in a week !!even witchety grubs wont live here in summer
  11. I suppose it depends on whether she wants to come to a place where everybody is screaming out for workers. The mining industry is always looking for reliable female drivers.

  12. What sort of wage has she been offered?

    It is very expensive for poms at the moment because of the weak pound but if she has a salary over about $75k pa she will be ok.