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I have been looking at a number of jobs in Canada (Project Management) and they seem to be offering up to CAD 150,000. Is this good or bad for over there? What is the average wage?

And what would (i appreciate it depends where you are) a 5 bedhouse cost to rent in a nice area (youngs kids/ nice family area)?

What are the tax implications in Canada?

Are there any dual tax agreements with Canada and UK?




The prime minister of Canadas salary is about C$150000 so you're onto a winner if you can get that. What Province are you looking at? I live in Saskatchewan and I own a 2bed condo which cost about 90000 sterling, if I was renting a similar place it would cost me C$100-1200. If you can get a motgage it would be best. It is a buyers market at the moment as prices have fallen quite a bit. If you want any further info and I can be of help then please pm me, Rgards.


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celticpunk- thanks for your reply, you may get a PM.

Canada is a big place where your are working will depend on whether $150 K per year is a lot, Vancouver , Calgary or some of the bigger citys it's a liveable wage. Maritimes it's a very good wage. Lived in Edmonton semi 800 square foot sold for $318k moved to Moncton NB brand new 1200 square foot semi with detached garage $150k

If you are moving over here watch the Immagration they will be your first contact with the highly efficient, courtious.. no it's no use I can't keep a straight face typing this. I had a lot of fun with them they lost my paperwork twice and had me born in 1986 which would me me getting married to a Canadian girl at 10 years old and they charged me $500 dollars for the privelage plus $1100 for the landed immagrant papers and I now have to pay $50 and wait 10 weeks for them to issue me with a new credit card sized immagration card.

You might have fun with qualifications as well oh your have a BTEC in Instrumentation and City and Guilds in applience repair which wasn't worth much according to them, so I had to start from scratch as an Electrician which pays better than most engineer jobs 50-60k per year.

No dual tax agreements that I know of. The only dual agreement is you can join the Canadian Legion and get Veteran plates on your car.


I have lived in Canada for 27yrs after leaving BAOR and coming directly over. $150k is a very good wage here but like elsewhere jobs are becoming scarce here. Make sure you have a contract before you come over. I work for Government and make in the mid $50,000 which is better than average for Canadian wages.
I have lived in Alberta and BC and that amount of money would give you a good standard of living here.
Make sure you have every certificate for every piece of education and training you have ever done as Canadians like to see certificate even though you may have no experience.
Best move you will ever make. Alberta and the prairies can be cold though, just think of moscow that what is like in winter.


tever you do, watch out for rip off immigration agents like W*ll*s B***olot as they will take you to the cleaners, french canadian d1ckheads. Their price for doing my permanent residency application was C$10000 just for me. I'm doing it myself, a bit of brainwork involved but not too bad, and it's costing me C$1000. There are sharks out there waiting for the unsuspecting and the trusting and they will bite you on the a**e. If you let me know what province you are thinking of I will try to give you a steer, if you're interested in Saskatoon try and wait for the offers, the Canadians don't know what management and organisation is and the Brits here are light years ahead of them in work ethics and attitude. I earn C$ 70000 as a trucker, my choice to do so as I didn't want to be stuck in an office again. There are no limits to what you can achieve here if you crack on. Best of luck to you.


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thanks chaps.


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You will live like a king on 150k in most parts of the country, the sapper mafia is alive and well so drop a PM if you are looking at Ontario, as I grew up there and live there now and so can give you a steer as to decent places to live...

The only tax implications would be on any income earned in another country whilst a resident of Canada, however there is a lower limit and it is something like $10000 PA, ie if you earn over that you must pay canadian taxes. UNLESS it is taxed at source, in which case I believe a dual tax agreement applies. Someone who earns much more money than I will be able to tell you the real deal.

A 5 Bed house in my neck of the woods, Upper Ottawa valley, would cost around $850-1000 to rent, $150,000-250,000 to buy, and about $120,000 to build yourself on a decent (>5 acre) lot in the wilderness.

As stated previously, it is a buyers market what with the recession and all, so you could get a bargain and make a load off it when the market does recover.
The cost of housing in Calgary and (De)Edmonton is pretty howling to put it mildly. A couple of years back if you ordered a new house you wouldn't get a definate price until the build was complete due to ever increasing land value. There was also a major shortage of construction materials with some firms stagging on sites to stop theft! I think it's calmed down a bit now.

My in-laws have got a lovely plot of land for sale in Penticton if you are interested.....


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Not much I can add aside from any info needed on the Greater Toronto Area re housing prices and other info (and a welcome beer in my Legion if/when you get here).


The tax situation can seem like a lot of dead ends and confusion but unless you unravel it you will be living on borrowed time. In short don't land until you have all your cash together and then declare it on entry.

Fill out some tax forms before you go and then some after you get there. UK tax office will issue you with a 'NT' tax code which means no tax. Your UK income (pension, rent, other earnings) will then arrive unmolested by the UK tax man but ready for the Canada version to take their cut; you can take a chance and no declare it but its a big risk. I know someone who had his tax underpayed by his employer in Alberta. When the Canadian system noticed it made him pay back CD$4000 in back taxes; the real trouble is his head is now above the parapet and the tax man is looking closer.

The housing situation is very location dependant so just look at the MLS web site.

CD$150,000 is very good and you need a ton of quals and ton of specialist experience to get it as an immigrant;

good luck

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