Cost of Happiness: £2.7m

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Gunny Highway, Jan 8, 2004.

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  1. Copied from AOL News

    MONEY may be able to buy happiness - but it costs nearly £2.7 million, researchers claim.

    The average person would need £2,658,144 to buy their dream home and car and have the holidays and lifestyle they aspire to.

    It would take someone on an average salary 94 years to earn this sum, according to Yahoo! Personal Finance.

    Women are more demanding than men, needing just over £2.7 million to pursue their dream lifestyle, compared with men's £2.6 million.

    Yahoo! asked people to fill in an online questionnaire giving details of their salary and level of savings they had.

    They were then asked a series of questions about their ideal home, car and holiday, what type of person their ideal partner would be and how they would woo them, what they liked to eat, drink and do on a night out and what type of clothes they liked.

    It found that 45 per cent of people wanted to be playboys or playgirls, enjoying a party lifestyle, while 39 per cent were dubbed flashers - standing for funds low, always spending heaps.

    About 15 per cent of people fell into the happy chaps category - standing for have accumulated plenty, cash and happiness - maintaining the lifestyle they want through maximising their finances, while one per cent were misers, making their money work hard for them.

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    Disclaimer. Happiness not guaranteed. Blondebint need not apply.
  2. OK then,

    I'm only about £3 Million short of perfect happiness.

    Flash, can I have a look down the back of your sofa, you probably have that much kicking around down there!


  3. You should have asked me last week, BFG. I just cleared the back of the sofa and bought myself an Island in the Pacific with the findings.

    Wonder what I'll spend next months cash on? Had my eye on a diamond encrusted troupe of Dwarfes who perform cooking exhibitions with rare endangered animals whilst driving an exact scale replica of a Bugatti Royale made out of solid Platinum. I'll pop them in the down stairs toilet in Castle Flash just for my amusement whenever I need to go for a slash (assisted by the entire cast of Fame who I bought on Ebay to liven the shoe cupboard up). :lol:
  4. What ever is found down Flashy's sofa is to be quarantined.... instantly :wink:
  5. I think that 2 million of the 2.6 million that a man would need is needed to keep the wench happy.
  6. Aaah, but surely a switched on cookie would bin the misses first if he knew he was to come into that sort of money ? And I'd be quite happy with a million.
  7. 2 million!!!

    Yeah that would be a start?

    Any comments on vast investments in plastic surgery will be severely ignored!

    The switched on cookie would be too switched on if the misses even had an inkling of 2.6 million reasons to make him smile!

    And, in my opinion the cookie would be happy to leave with 1 million, but more like .25 million and just keep smiling if the wife walks off with her cut and not a new matching earrings and bracelet..... :roll
  8. BBC, you gonna have to PM me your user password, so I can help edit your replies. I haven't the foggest WTF your talking about. Is it just me? If your sniffing glue, can you tell me the brand, cos I've been using bostick for yonks, and it's not a good as it used to be.
  9. Shame on me GH forgot this was the NAFFI, :oops:
    Late night early morning....
    Forgiveness is sought....
    Shan't PM always ignore in past :cry:

    I plain, if I had the chance of 2.6 and hubby was the only thing in the way,
    His option would be take the cut or I wear his danglers and new earrings.


    You light weight....lololol
  10. Er, yes, and, er, possibily no. But maybe. 2.6, you don't say. Danglers? Don't much care for them myself.
  11. Opps just read, re-read and read yet again your response and was wondering what all the criptic (?) if it was so, humming and harring was about....
    Okay I want the 2.7 million and you can keep the danglers.
  12. Soz, my fault. I was trying to 'speak BBC' so you'd understand.
  13. duh? 8O

    If you have a spare 2.what ever million that I can have you can talk to me anyway you like! :wink: