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Hi Folks,

So at the moment it seems to be one of the best and worst times to join the TA. All these wonderful things to go and do and no cash to pay for them. In my other job it's not about getting paid to do the course it's people jacking up the cost for the course. In reality in many instances, there are no extra consumables for a given course so it's a case of blagging your way onto it or just turning up and you can often get the training. This is because there are usually more spaces on the course and courses that are going on anyway aren't full up.

Not knowing much about how stuff is run on the TA, suppose you wanted to do a course but there wasn't the space in your MTD budget (or it was otherwise allocated elsewhere) are there things you can do if you just said, hey, it's just my weekend, I'll make my own way there and I don't mind not getting paid for it if for instance it improves the skills you have or makes you more deployable. Or would the sky fall in if you tried that?

I suspect the answer is going to be a straight out no, or "it depends". Just to add not that I'm planning on doing this but I wondered if this went on.

I was offered a course recently but as C1 - would have been a great course as it offered civilian benefits, just couldn't get the time off work!

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