Cost of American Air Conditioning!

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by Queensman, Jun 29, 2011.

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  1. The staggering cost of providing air conditioning for American troops in Afghanistan was discussed on the Today programme this morning - I've tried unsuccessfully to find a link on the Beeb's site.

    A retired US Brig. Gen was explaining all. Apparently it costs $200 million (?) a year to try and air con their tents! The figure represents roughly a third of the entire British defence budget!! The cost of a gallon of fuel is $45 a gallon by the time it reaches Theatre and this, amongst other things, drives the cost up.

    The logistic effort, cost in LSD and in 'blood' (as the General said) is tremendous. He did go on to say that he's surprised that they don't make the use of insulated tents the norm.

    Fascinating. One then thinks of what our forebears went through whilst fighting it out in the North West Frontier in any number of actions that are recorded on the table mats on the table of the Mess. One also thinks of all those there NOT living in an air conditioned tent.
  2. You'd have thought that if ever there was a job where "renewables" could take at least some of the load it was this.

    With fuel at $45/gal shipping in a load of solar panels would seem to be a viable option.

    Mind you it's kind of odd just how many of the structures out there are temporary and therefore pretty inefficient - even at the big permanent bases - all these years later.
    Spending a bit of time and money on more durable structures would surely have paid off by now. You can make all sorts of admittedly rough-and-ready buildings out of a combination of desert dirt, water and modern binding agents.
  3. Nonsense, I have it on good authority that during engagements in the heat of the day which were expected to last for over four hours, the men were sometimes allowed to undo their top tunic buttons. Scandalous really, if the folks back home had ever found out, but it shows how flexible and forward thinking British Raj commanders were.
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  4. I almost fell asleep reading above posts....must have been a slow day.
  5. couldn't they just put solar panels on each tent
  6. wot they need are flysheets on the tents - saves 80% on Air con costs, but trying to explain that to the powers that be would be like knitting fog!! - plus, you can buy fuel in helmand for $1.60 a litre so not sure why they are paying $45 a gallon, must be the fact they use JP8 instead of diesel...good for hairyplanes but dammed expensive when used in generators.
  7. not if you are obliged to follow US building regs you cant :)
  8. It would be interesting to hear "JJH's" comments on this! It sounds a bit like Iraq where huge ammounts of profiteering/thieving/bribing went on to the tune of BILLIONS of dollars see here:- BBC NEWS | World | Middle East | BBC uncovers lost Iraq billions
    Possibly another tranch of the same in Afghanistan?
  9. If they get a few more drones over there and get them to circle above the camps, everyone will be able to live in the shade......
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  10. What size solar panel will run an A/C?
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  11. I seem to recall that a panel can produce up to 1kW/m^2.

    A domestic A/C unit can be 10-20kW, so therefore 10-20m^2 of panel might be a good estimate?

    ...and of course, only while the sun shines!
  12. Large solar panel kit producing 120W (dc) costs around £600.
    2400 BTU ACU uses around 1200W input power so need 10 solar panels per 24000BTU. Ie £6000 plus cost of inverter say £7000 in total.

    Edited to add, a 24000BTU ACU is approx 6.83kW output.
  13. It costs whatever it costs. The soldiers did not ask to go there. AC is considered an everyday ordinary expectation in most hot parts of the world that have heard of cars and electricity. Why should troops US or UK, not have it?