Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by AUXRADAR, Jan 13, 2010.

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  1. After thinking I was getting a little bit of a belly this winter I went for a salad and saw this humungous RAF fem. Not fat but enormous, the sort of fat that makes a channel 4 documentary fat. And I thought why should I bust a gut out of self pride to make myself fit and pas all my tests when the weight of this thing offsets 50 bandoliers of ammo in airfreight.

    Some people have worked their way to become a little podgy through injury, this is not about them its about those who have eaten their way out of deployable.

    Imagine the money that could be saved and used for better things by simply getting rid of the morbidly obese, throw in a couple of chair hugging coffin dodger ossifers showing signs of dementia and thats the defence cuts sorted. What does everyone else think?
  2. That you have been turned down by a fat chick?
  3. A RAF fat chick at that. :D
  4. Natural selection; some get to feel good about the direction their lives are heading, some don't.
  5. She used you as a dildo didn't she?
  6. Assemble all uniform - less walts - bug out to otterburn.

    At a precise distance on 3 miles ( overall BFT distance ), hang a row of 140,000 blank dog tags.

    On my word of command 'GO' - dress forward and claim a set of tags.

    On completion of the exercise:

    All those in possession of tags, right wheel - get your service details stamped and proceed to sunnier climes.

    All those devoid of tags, left wheel and advance to the tent labelled 'enquiries about social benefits for HM Forces rejects'

    Simples .......
  7. i get turned down all the time its when they say they want to eat your sausage and arent using innuendos
  8. Does this include the TA ? please say yes ....
  9. absolutely, any serviceman any service who has had to do an extra tour because a persons only disability is mcdonalds should vote now. Anyone whos ever broke their back on a BCFT, burned a million calories only to end up in the cook house after a shower eating scraps while a fatty asks how it went while he attempts to pick the bones of half a horse out of his teeth past his pustulous man tits his/her bingo wings looking like the melting guy in robocop
  10. Of course - although I don't think that the TA and reservists have the same scale of obese problems as the case highlighted at the start of this thread ;-)
  11. cos the TA simply wouldnt let them in. Its like our own internal welfare state
  12. Almost forgot the ACF

    Sgn't Major !!!! - kindly adjust a selection of dog tags to hang 4 foot fcuk all from the ground.

    Carry on.......
  13. Hands off fat birds they provide warmth in the winter and cover in the summer, its the skinny ones you want to get rid of, the onew who think they are proper soldiers and aren't worth jack poop
  14. firemans lift next whos picking up chunk. Congrats pte malinky youve got 6months in the back of a saxon with cpl breathless and shes run out of fem fresh
  15. besides its not about fat women its fat men and women, you know, the ones that wont make the front of a promotional photoshoot who have a thomas bin full of calories