Cost Cutting "Fails"

Any great ideas to cut costs that back-fired ?

I hear a rumour today that Landmarc turned off the heating at Sennybridge over Christmas to save dosh...resulting in a £50k bill for burst pipes.

any other gems ?
Every cut since the 1990's that have lead us to a cavalry without fractions* 1.5 Tank Regts instead of 4, single Bns within the Guards and an infantry devoid of county Regts!

* 9/12L don't count, never did, never will
Not military but defence supplier. Mechanical engineering department hires crane for 50M drop test of product because " It's cheaper than hireing a helicopter". The legs the crane puts down to stabilise itself have ripped up the tarmac in the car park. Not sure how much it'll cost to repair but i'm sure it will cost more than the helicoptor would have.
In the late 90s some brain drain had the bright idea of flying people back to UK via Paderborn Airport (It's an overgrown airfield)
from JHQ. That means about 250ks down the road in the wrong direction, which apart from the cost of a chauffeur driven Opel Vectra to take the pax there and another journey to collect him later, there is the considerably increased journey time. Made sense to someone somewhere, but not to most people on this planet. Fotunately someone else has seen sense and changed the procedure.

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