Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by bigsouth1981, Nov 15, 2005.

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  1. Just come across this link on Apparently this is called "COSPLAY" short for costume play. Jesus f_cking christ, I nearly pissed myself in a fit of hysterics. We all take the piss out of walts right?, well check these d!cks out.


    (follow the link below)
  2. Just what the fcuk are these guys supposed to be? I thought you were supposed to look like something, Mr Lightning bolt looks like some Fat Austrian in Tartan Leiderhosen. What the hell is the thing he's firing at, some sort of walking box with a bin on it?! There's a lot of guys in sh*t chinese clothes and a few pirates......tossers.
  3. I've seen this when on exercise on woodbury common in devon - after i picked myself up off the ground from laughing, i thought W. T. F?????
  4. Its funny as fook, the poor poor freaks.
  5. Now I can't tell for sure, but, well my dad used to go to one of these things as one of his mates had set it up and was trying to get it into a business. Well the odd thing is, that the mates name was Steve, and my Dad talks exactly like the guy you can hear saying 'Steve'. If it is him then its a small world made a lot smaller by geeks and the net.
    I'll have to ask him (and laugh) tomorrow.
  6. Thats more dungeons and dragons than cos play try this one instead

    I you ever spend time in Tokyo, Sunday morning in the park is the best place to see cos players in their natural environment. Most of them are freaks and geeks but I spent half an hour chating to some teen hotties all dressed as sailor moon and it was fap fap faptastic.
  7. RIGHT, this is totally different but I may as well post it on here to save opening a new thread,
    this is pretty funny too, its a skit of americas best police chases. If you dont know who chief john burnell is, type into google, its a good p1ss take

    Click on vids, then
    World's Scariest Police Chases