Cosmetic Surgury - The Walt Thread

What happened to Search for a "Walt" Star!!! thread, yesterday it was 144 pages, today it's 98. Some of us have spent many hours surfing the web searching for the worlds best walts so they can be humiliated on ARRSE only for great swaythes of it to be chopped :cry: :cry: :cry:
tricam said:
Nah, I think they just changed 'the number of posts per page' - I presume now that they have installed a faster server they reckon it can cope with it...


The old server was struggling and so because of the way the database works the number of posts per page was cut from 20 to 10 to help the refresh rates. The same number of posts is on the Walt thread, but with more posts per page the number of pages is fewer. I can assure you nothing has been culled.

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