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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Kingojosh93, Mar 5, 2012.

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  1. Alright Ladies and gents.

    Been serving in 4 LANCS now for about 4 an a half months an I'm looking to go regular however having been to my local recruitment office I was made aware that I will need a letter of reccomendation from my Company CO.

    Just looking for any tips really about how to ask him for it. I realise I haven't been in for long however with money and jobs right I feel a career in the Regulars would be a fairly good option.

    So any tips?
  2. Sir i am thinking of joining the regular army, would it be possible for you give me a recommendation as the recruitment team asked me to get one?

    Thank you sir.
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  3. It would be good manners to go through the chain of command, doesn't have to be formal, just keeping people in the loop rather than them hearing of your impending departure from the OC.
  4. Thanks very much guys, I'm in tommorow so I'll have a go :) one of the main reasons I want this doing as soon as possible is because I was told that I wouldn't have to re do my BARB or re do my medical if all goes well
  5. If you have only been in TA for 4 months you will probably start from scratch.
  6. Kindly request a CO's interview and convey your intentions/hopes...easy!
  7. You would have to do it all again at present even if you had just sat the BARB with TA last week, in the future maybe not if they get TA and Regular Recruiting the same. You will still need a new RG8 doing and your TA medical would get attached when it all goes up to Glasgow MCM along with the CO's letter and 203.
  8. Fair enough, in either case I'll request the interview an give it a good go later. Thanks again :)
  9. Ask him?
  10. I been serving for 3 and a half years in 4 Mercian and I am now going regular, unfortently everything has to be done from scratch, BARB, ADSC, Phase 1 the whole lot, its a massive ball ache as the process actually takes longer if you have already served!
  11. It's something to do with me only having done 6 months so everything's still in date apparently