COs policies to rid the army of useful downgraded soldiers

Discussion in 'RLC' started by The_Big_Floater, Jan 23, 2010.

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  1. With the current pressure to increase the deployability of soldiers within Regiments, the current use of BMI and downgraded certification to remove the waisters from the army seems to be more and more the norm.

    As the past shows that when the army is flush the good old brown letter gets overused to the point of undermanning the army.

    More and more CO's policies aim at reducing the crap by whatever dodgy means possible but aiming at Admin discharging individuals so that the MOD doesn't have to pay them off.

    With a high percentage of downgraded soldiers (not all of them cold weather injuries) the pressure is on to replace whether it be with crap soldiers who would in a normal time wouldn't even look at serving or just remove individuals from service.
    With the current tempo, a need for quality individuals to work rear parties or with in camp lines are still required, why is there such a pressure to rid the army of individuals who can perform other tasks that are essential...
  2. you downgraded then?
  3. Oh sure am but only coz I am deaf in one ear (What :D pardon 8O ) It is a question to see what you fellow ARRSErs think.. I would be happy if they med discharged me not long to go anyway..... :D :D :D
  4. It’s all about short-sighted persons of dubious parentage trying to save on today with no intention of spending it tomorrow!
  5. It used to be that certain jobs were carried out by 19 year lance corporals or corporals, unit postie, storeman, hygiene team immediately spring to mind. If you take the downgraded away from the equation you are left with putting soldiers in jobs they are very much likely to resent. You're a 19 year-old infantryman and you're more interested in Junior Brecon or any number of skills course to enhance your career and suddenly you find yourself delivering mail whilst your mates are off on active service. The result is that these young, miss-employed soldiers will either PVR or TFI to another branch where he will be more gainfully employed.
  6. Wouldn't it be better to just kill those downgraded. In 3 PARA all those who are injured on operations are put into a big room once back in the UK with the pretence that they are having a communal shower. They are then sprayed with napalm and set alight. On one side of the building there is a two way mirror where all the Battalion watch and laugh at the unfortunate souls stupid enough to get injured on operations.
  7. Don't get me wrong if individuals are playing on stupid injuries and use the fablon biff chit as an excuse to not drive go on exercise and tour and may aswell be on the nominal role at the med centre then there is definately a cause to kick them out, then lets see how easy it is in civi street.... However there are individuals of quality (not me :) ) who perform an invaluable role within their units, but the dark cloud of F*** Off is coming even to them, it seems that the manning gold mine that has befallen the army has made top brass forget of the past and it is surely just a small blip. Once the recession goes these individuals will soon follow and you will be back to square one but without the quality soldiers they once had.......

    We only have to go as far back as the late 80s early 90s to see what happened then.......
  8. What's the alternative? There will be occasions where the fully deployable soldiers need some sort of respite from frequent tours but if all the likley rear party slots are filled with PUDs then it isn't necessarily fair as the fit, motivated etc get put upon again. It acknowledge there has to be a balance but there are limts on how many people we can have in the Army and as the number of people able to deploy reduces the fit ones will leave or become broken, whilst the biffs remain.

    If the Army has broken people however that's a different story. We can't keep them all but the system should provide an enhanced resettlement package and additional disability support - above that provided by the Government.
  9. Extend the remit of the MPGS to cover these less glamourous slots?

  10. Perhaps the 'system' should begin to look at the reasons why there are such excessive amounts of downgraded people first, and address these issues before making any rash culls of manpower.
  11. DRLC manning is slowly drawing the noose around these soldiers. I was warned of it months ago and I posted on here about it. Some of my JNCO have been reduced in rank for failing to do CLM. Some of it their fault some of it due to work commitments and operations. CO has fought for quite a few of these lads. MOD has been asked to make cuts where it can. There are a lot of downgraded personnel if you look closely not all of the guys deliberately downgraded themselves quite a few have been downgraded due to injuries on operations or accidents/poor supervision on shop floor. Some have gained injuries through a can do attitude on the shop floor working hard. Others have been injured on PDT, PDT has upped the ante to make sure guys are ready.

    If I am correct admin discharge can be applied through AGAI procedure, though medical conditions can be used as defence. But often disregarded.

    I was downgraded due to a training accident, and have worked hard to be upgraded, which I am now. During that period of being downgraded I was threatened with admin discharge. BAFF stepped in and at the moment of admin discharge the Desk Officer at MCM div would have had a nasty shock in his intray.

    During that period of admin discharge threat was one of the worst ever experienced, I could have not done any more as a SNCO to get fit or be a better soldier. I was facing looking for a house, job somewhere for my wife and I to live. She would have had to look for a job also. Luckily now I am fit and no longer worry about that noose. Its still there hanging in the wind.

    It is a disgrace that DRLC and desk officers threaten to throw out soldiers with experience who are unfit by no fault is theirs. Also to do it through the admin discharge system rather than medical loosing all finacial support is scandalous.

    The system stinks. Just to save money, it has nothing to do with manpower, it is a stealth way of culling personnel from the ranks, cheaply and quickly. Soldiers found to be malingering should be disciplined and dealt with. Those of us who are seen to be furthering ourselves by keeping fit should be ringfenced.

    If a large commercial company did this the unions would have stepped in. However BAFF is the only defence and support. The odds are stacked in MCM favour and they will do what they can for themselves.

    There is one desk officer I wouldnt piss on if he was on fire in the street. I am sure they are based in Glasgow safe in the knowledge there wont be a knock at the door.

    In summary fat blokes/birds and wasters should go, those lads and lasses who through no fault downgraded should be looked after and groomed for success.

    Mr and Mrs Armadillo
  12. Well that's easy, a big percentage of them are fecking lazy fat feckers who work their ticket. F cking lazy cnuts, and no matter how much people flower it up, it is a sad fact that these cnuts are getting away with it.
  13. So the people that are playing on it (and I'll bet every serving/ex soldier on here has known a few) should be weeded out by the med center and then have action taken against them for malingering.
  14. Agreed, however, it’s a leadership function not a med centre function.

    Units should hold monthly Unit Med Boards (throughout the army) attended by at the very minimum, Regt 2IC, sub unit 2IC’s & Sgt-Maj’s, APTI, MO, and an RAO rep.

    Every downgraded person in the unit (whatever stat) should be reviewed, have an individual written rehab/PT plan agreed and signed by himself, his CoC, the PT Corps man and the Doc.

    This plan is based around his personal needs. If it happens regularly, the permanent/temp injured, the recovering soldiers, the good eggs and the wasters are easily identified and can be judged & treated as such.

    No excuses about being to busy, because that excuse is being used more & more to cover individual and unit failings. I would suggest that the highest priority any ‘Leader’ has is to the wellbeing of the soldiers under his command.

    Lastly, we have blokes who have lost limbs who have shown the will and determination to run marathons and treck in the Himalayas never mind pass a PFT. Certain Pie eaters should be f*cking ashamed of themselves for wearing the same uniform never mind taking the same pay
  15. The long & short is that the Army is nearing full (numerical) manning however it will clearly take a while to get the 'right numbers into the right ranks'. The fallout is that recruiters can be more selective as to whos goes to Phase 1, Instructors can be more selective as to who goes to Phase 2 etc to the point that the CO & CoC can be more selective as to who is retained. The flipside is that many will leave as the country climbs out of recession so who's going to man the pumps then?