Cos Myra Hindleys my mum!

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by gingwarr, Aug 31, 2005.

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  1. Anyone remember the above named song? First two lines are "Me bruvva's in borstal, me sister's a slag".

    It was a an old 4RGJ ditty that used to be sung at every given pissup. If anyone could give me the rest of the words, I'd greatly appreciate it.

  2. Suggest the next time you see your former CSM you ask him to write the words down!!!!
  3. me aunties a whore down at Battersea docks
    and the Yorkshire Rippers me dad ......

    thought the first bit was: me brothers in borstal. me sisters scuks ccoks
  4. msr

    msr LE

    Me brother's in Borstal;
    Me sister's got pox;
    Me mother's a whore on the Liverpool Docks;
    Me Uncle's a flasher;
    Me Aunty's a slag;
    The Yorkshire Ripper's me Dad!
    Na na na na na na, na na na na na;
    Na na na na na na, na na na na na (add lib to fade!)

    your brother's in borstal
    your sister's got pox
    your mother's a 'hore in the liverpool docks
    your uncle's a pervert
    your auntie's gone mad
    and jack the ripper's your dad
  5. I can't rememebr most of the first verse but it ends with:

    Were not averse to one up the bum.
    Myra Hindley’s my mum

    Me brother's in Borstal;
    Me sister's sucks cosks;
    Me Aunty's a whore down the old Surrey Docks;
    Me Uncle's a pervert;
    Me counsin’s a slag;
    The Yorkshire Ripper's my Dad!

    Child molesting,
    Some say it’s a sin;
    But not in the manor,
    I was brought up in;
    Here’s a fiver for a bit of the other
    Lenny Faircloughs my brother.
  6. mmmm - has a certain rhythm to it, but what's the tune ?.
  7. gingwarr

    First verse is as follows,

    We come from London dragged up in the slums,
    we like given you one up the bum,
    when we give bl*w jobs we swallow the c*m,
    Myra hindley's my mum,
    la la la etc

    the other two verses as per sack em all.
  8. Here's an Updated Version


    We were dragged up in England and are known as white trash
    Some Call us Chavs when we mug them for cash
    We have sixteen kids and are expecting another
    Oh fuc**ng Hell Rose West is me mother

    Me brother's in Borstal
    Me sister's sucks cocks
    Me Aunty's a whore down the old Surrey Docks
    Me Uncle's a pervert
    Me counsin’s a slag
    Oh fuc**ing hell the Yorkshire Ripper's me Dad!

    Child molesting
    Some say it’s a sin
    But not in the manor
    I was brought up in
    Here’s a fiver for a bit of the other
    Oh Fuc**ng Hell Michael Jacksons me brother

    We keep Social Services in a job
    For a fiver me sister will suck on your knob
    You see us in hoodies and burberry caps
    But the jewellery we wear is all fuc**ng crap
    But please don't judge us to harshly or call us scum
    Cos oh fuc**ng hell Myra Hindleys me mum
  9. Sung to the tune of "Make em laugh" I seem to recall.

    Last time I heard that was in Otterburn in the 1980's. Anyone remember the "nail your mate to the dartboard game" played with the yanks and taffs?
  10. I'll ask the OC for the words he sings it at every opportunity, being an old C Coy Boy
  11. Yet another version was as above, except wth "Me Uncle's a psycho" and "Cos Jack the Ripper's me dad". Also, if we are being picky, the commas are placed differently between the na nas, and they should be spelt with a double "a".

    Can anyone remember all the words to that other classic, drinking anthem based on the Julie Andrews song "These are a few of my favourite things"?
    It was taught to my basic training squad in 1985 by a character called "Dr Spank". The bits I remember go something like this:

    Girls in black leather, and latex and rubber,
    Shagging my sister and wanking my brother,
    Half naked schoolgirls all tied up with string,
    These are a few of my favourite things.

    When the whip bites, on transvestites, and when I'm feeling looooooowwwww.....
    I sit on the toilet and play with my dick, and think of my favourite things, like

    Oral with grandma, and french-kissing grandpa
    Screwing a kitten all trussed up with barbed-wire,
    half naked schoolgirls etc, etc.