COs KIA, Captured, Since WWII?

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Andy_S, Jul 3, 2009.

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  1. Andy_S

    Andy_S LE Book Reviewer

    Ref the recent Welsh Guards CO KIA in Afghan:
    How many other unit COs or OCs have been casualties in British post-WWII wars?

    I can only think of the below.

    KIA - CO of Royal Ulster Rifles, "Happy Valley" rearguad battle north of Seoul, Jan 1951 (Hand-to-hand combat during breakout through burning village)
    KIA - CO of 8th Hussars squadron, "Happy Valley" rearguard battle north of Seoul, Jan 1951 (Unknown: Probably killed on foot after tank KOed. Last words over radio to his echelon were, 'It's bloody rough.")

    KIA - CO of Royal Northumberland Fusiliers, Imjin River, April, 1951 (Machine gunned with rearguard during retreat down a four-mile enfilade)
    WIA - CO of Belgian Battalion (attached to UK 29th Bde) Imjin River, April, 1951 (Standing next to Centurions that was brewed up with a phosphorous grenade as it covered British withdrawal)
    Captured - CO of Glosters, Imjin River, April 1951 (Taken during attempted breakout from Hill 235)

    KIA - CO of 2 Para, Goose Green, 1982. (Attacking MG post)

  2. wow jump on the happy wagon, lets have some time to reflect the tragic incident first
  3. Andy_S

    Andy_S LE Book Reviewer


    There is a thread devoted specifically for what you suggest on the main page.

    This is a historical query. No disrespect is intended toward any unit commanders who died a soldiers' death.
  4. perhaps in the light on all the airbus crashes you can start a similar thread too

    You have shown no compassion for the two deaths, let alone pay any respect to them, yet you even acknowledge the thread paying tributes :x
  5. Andy_S

    Andy_S LE Book Reviewer

    Calm down. I posted respects on the above-stated thread, followed by the query posted above...that post has since been deleted by mods as that thread was PURELY devoted to paying respects. Fair enough - hence this posting here.

    You might consider this thread to be paying respect to other (mostly forgotten) unit commanders killed leading their men.
  6. no one forgets

    thats why we have Remembrance day lest we forget

    what do u hope to gain from this thread?
  7. C'mon Bipolar, Andy_S has a valid point apart from the CO who fell at goose green and the CO from current events I wasnt aware of others CO's that had been killed in action, I dont believe this is a morbid thread or detracts away from rememberance of those who have died.
  8. What a load a fcuking cr@p you are spouting Bipolar77, this is a perfectly legitimate use of the military history forum...
  9. Seconded.
  10. What a complete bellend!
  11. What Falsch said.
  12. Lt Col David Blair QO Hldrs at Warrenpoint. Like so many others, a charasmatic, popular CO and tough soldier.
  13. What they said!

    Back on thread.

    CO of Queens Own Highlanders at Warrenpoint 1979.
  14. Yes, fairplay to Andy S...let's see where he's going with this. It is a legitimate Mil Hist topic. Obviously it looks odd today of all days but then again every thought needs a trigger.

    Interestingly "Fred" Carne of the Glosters and H Jones both received the VC. The Manchurian Candidate is often believed to have been based on Colonel Carne's experiences as a PW with the Chinese. He spent a year or so in solitary confinement...