COs Des Cse: Fictional Scenarios - What Would You Do....?

throbasaurus_rex said:
'Fictional Scenario 1'

You are currently commanding an RLC Log Sp Regt in operations .......
Continue commanding it until I was either sacked or my tour was up.

throbasaurus_rex said:
'Fictional Scenario 1'

You are currently commanding an RLC Log Sp Regt in operations .......
HaHaHa, I should be so lucky!!!!!!


Scenario 1:

You walk into your ops room one morning and see a birthday cake on the bird table. You ask why it is there and are told one of your officers got it as a present for one of the watchkeepers (whose birthday it is). You compliment said officer on such a kind gesture and begin your brief.

During your brief, you stretch back and place your elbow in the birthday cake!! What do you do next....
Get the token woman Lance Corporal to lick your elbow clean.
Chose your answers form the following:

A. You could join in the general merriment, realising you had made a bit of a faux pas.

B. Chastise your staff and give them a right royal rollicking over their unprofessional behaviour.

C. Attempt to lick the cake from your elbow whilst at the same time carrying on as though nothing had happened.
Well, re the cake incident, having been told that I am brilliant for most of my short time in the Corps, I would beast everyone in the Ops Rm and make myself even more unpopular!
Scenario 2

Having been in theatre for a few weeks, and being a bit bored (because loggie stuff is duller than teaching) you decide to nobble the medics and get yourself in to watch a surgical operation.

Having thoroughly enjoyed the sterilisation rub down and having got excited donning the rubber gloves and the face mask, the operation starts with the first incision.

Mmmm, what do you do?
Re: Scenario 2 – The possibilities could be:

A. You realise that the Doc is doing it all wrong, its your duty to take over before the patient dies, you snatch the scalpel from him and apply a life saving first field dressing instead

B. Maintain a dignified stance as you marvel at the skills of the surgeons.

C. Feint, crash into the sterile instrument trolley and become a causality yourself, thereafter make an attempt at self-depreciation and ban the subject for evermore.
Are these truly fictional or are you being ever so 'tonguey in cheeky'. I'm assuming 'C' is the answer. So spill the beans who are these illustrious leaders of ours? I feel a certain affinity to 'cakey elbow guy'.
'ollocks, wrong thread
throbasaurus_rex said:
'Fictional Scenario 1'

You are currently commanding an RLC Log Sp Regt in operations .......
Realise that the only thing more shocking than having commanded an RLC Regt on Ops would be commanding one in barracks, request a posting order immediately to the Womens Volunteer Balloon Corp (R) or Obtain a blunt spoon and open an artery.

You have two barrels, three planks and this length of rope to cross this river of shark infested will you go about it

(yours truley)"eat the custard and the sharks will be fcuked."

80 pressups later i stopped laughing at myself
Ha ha's answer C and it was a certain CO from a LSR usually based in Abingdon but are currently away for a 6 month 'break.'

I hear that the sterile instruments and the trolley that they were on made a bit of a mess of the said CO's face..........ooops.
Fictional scenario 3:

One of your staff challenges you to a traditional Victorian stylee duel. After a number of recent faux pas you are determined to demonstrate your courage and military prowess with a pistol. You empty your pockets of blackboard rubbers and assorted sticks of chalk and duly arrive at the dawn RV, eye up your gallant opponent, pace out your 25 yards and await the word of command to 'Draw'. The tension mounts and as the sun rises above the dusty horizon, the word of command is given

You move swiftly and boldly as only a CO can and reach for your trusty sidearm. Your honed reactions are in vain as you can not find your pistol. Where on God's earth can it be? Where have you left it? When did you last see it? Panic sets in. What do you do?

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