Firstly before any-one points it out, I have posted a similar piece on the REME forum. I have recently left the REME after 22 years service and landed myself a plum job with Corus steel in Scunthorpe. Corus are starting to recruit from the armed forces as they like the kind of person they are getting. Corus have sites in Scunthorpe, Rotherham, Teeside and South Wales also some smaller sites in Corby, Dalziel in Scotland, Middlesborough and a couple of other places. They are primarily interested in any-one with an electrical or mechanical background from any arm or service, but opportunities in other fields(logistics/HR/workshop management ect..). You dont need to be mega qualified and they will consider those with any length of service. The terms and conditions are excellent with a final salary pension(one of the few left). If you are interested then send me your CV and I will forward it to the right people. You all have my word that I will not benefit in any way from this, all I want to do is help service leavers and get the best people for my employers, it will also be good to work with more service personell.
My e-mail is

I wish you all the best

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