Cortisone Injections

Just been unfortunate enough to have said event in shoulder. Area now hurts like it hasn't for a long time. Is this normal? I'm in fuQin shreds - have those 250,000 pounds a year wInkers fu@ced up again? Or am I just being, as a famous golfer once said, a spas?
Yeah its normal, the cowboy who did mine (also in my shoulder) kept missing and was jabbing on the bones 8O
It may hurt for a couple of days but you will soon be doing 1 arm-pressups before you know it.
But, as you continue your one-arm press ups the cortisone is already mashing your shoulder with a honeycomb effect so eventually it becomes so brittle your shoulder goes completely..............sorry.
I had some in my foot a while back and after the initial agony, it felt great. No lasting pain but I took advice and got it done privately from someone experienced in the area.
From someone so old that he needs them for arthritis - they are quite dramatic in getting rid of pain BUT they MUST be administered by someone who knows what they are doing. My experience is that it is essential for me to show the quack EXACTLY where the pain lies. Area specifically but depth also. If the guy just bores in with his horse-injection size needle, it can hurt and be a waste of cortisone.
Tent-eye said:
kept missing and was jabbing on the bones
Ouch! Brings back memories from when I had them in my knees.

Scrape...jab... scrape... oops, sorry does that hurt?
T'internet is a wonderful thing - apparently the pain is known as 'cortisone flare' and, as you have pointed out, is not uncommon. Nice of the Army quack to let me know what was coming. At least he did check before injecting that he had the correct shoulder. I suppose I shouldn't be complaining, it is only 13 months since injury and they still appear to have no idea what is actually wrong. I wish I'd invested in BUPA before bits started falling off.
You have my sympathy. I had three of them into my hip and each one was worse than the one before. 7yrs later I still have a problem in my hip and am only just getting it sorted, and not through cortisone I might add. Get yourself to a really decent physio. You can't beat them, and you can't put a price on health.
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