Cortez will be manned by SMEs from the Territorial Army (TA)

Cortez is a force protection asset which uses sensors to protect FOBs, large camps, Observation Posts and Patrol Bases, and includes cameras and balloons to execute this. The new breed of Cortez should be an improved version of the existing equipment by fusing together a variety of monitoring devices into a single source of display.

Lieutenant Colonel Gordon Falkner, from ISTAR Operations and Training, said:

"Bases spend a lot of time guarding themselves which is vital to the security of the base. The new system will allow soldiers to do what they do best.

"Manpower will be slashed and will allow troops to be released to do other things. Operators will be able to watch troops on the ground from further distances with the new and improved equipment which will significantly extend the range of visibility."

The new Cortez will be manned by Subject Matter Experts (SME's) from the Territorial Army (TA) who will provide specialist advice to operators from the regular Army.

It is expected that the latest generation of Cortez will be up and running by 2009 and will be syndicated across bases throughout the year.

Baloons are for mongs.What high-tech digital warriors ply their 21st century hyper-scientific trade with are AEROSTATS
pffft they're just posh, expensive balloons ( a word which one of us can spell. )
Got confused with my TLAs again - I thought that read
"Cortez will be manned by (Small Medium Enterprises) from the Territorial Army" 8O I'm sure the FSB would have something to say about that...

Anyway, back to sensible land, sounds all very good. I get the impression the MOD and goberments's reaction to soldier's fury over not being equipped decently several years ago, is still churning out clever but life saving UORs and very good kit. But then we are at actually at war with soldiers still coming home minus limbs or in black bags. Easy to forget in Whitehall.

This does seem like very good kit indeed the new sangers in particular that should save a few lives for a start.
I wondered where all our bloody Sangers went!! looks like a good piece of kit, dont think the mongs in S.Armagh would have been pleased to see that peering into their kitchen windows :)


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Whatever next!?!?!

Why not have dedicated and expanded Cortez units that do all remote observation and force top cover.

They could control all the sensors around the bases, plus remote observation from laboons, as well as the UAVs. I'm thinking of dedicated and specialist control rooms, similar to what the fuzz use, whereby copper-chopper cctv is relayed back, as well as street (or compound/base) cctv, I.R., UAV etc.

As Future Soldier (or whatever) comes to fruition, mobile platoons/sections could also feed live video back to the Cortez Ops room for redistribution to the main ops centres.

or am I way, erm, off base with thoughts like that?
galgenberg said:
Baloons are for mongs.What high-tech digital warriors ply their 21st century hyper-scientific trade with are AEROSTATS
Errrr, that will be us then. ;o)
Maybe I'm unreasonably cynical in my old age, but I can't help thinking, "burned his boats". Could they perhaps have chosen a less doom-laden name?

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