Corsa diesel fule filter

Can anyone help me ?

I have a warning light that come up on my dash that tells me I have water in my diesel fuel filter, it only flashes for a brief second and doesnt stay illuminated for the whole time the ignition is on.

I know that the filter can be drained but so far haven't managed to find a drain valve, can anyone tell me where it is ?

Also is it ok to keep driving my car ?
Well I've had the filter drained, there's no water in it, one other suggestion is that it needs changing (the filter ) its due a service really so I suppose that may be it. I've cleared down the inspection message, just have to see what happens now.
With any diesel engine fuel and air filters can make a heck of a difference to both performance and economy. On the old Transit "banana" engines I found that the air filters would start to fall off after 4k miles although the manuals said to change them at 6k.
The same applies to fuel filters. You can never tell what crud is coming up through the pumps when you fill up.
Looks like it may just be a glitch, I had two faults - one a blown bulb (insp2 fact fiends ) and one the filter (insp4)

I was still getting the insp4 so was resigned to forking out some of that money stuff I hear so much about.
As its a bit wintery I thought I'd better replace the bulb before the coppers pull me over (don't want to appear on a tv show like coppers "The taliban wouldn't stop me for a dodgy bulb" etc )

So now I've replaced the bulb the insp2 warning has gone and, as if by magic, the insp4 as well.
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