Corruption and political placement

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hogspawn, Jun 7, 2012.

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  1. So, the government pick someone to carry out their hatchet job on police working conditions and pave the way for privatisation, who happens to be a lawyer for the company that advises the preferred private contractor for police privatisation......

    BBC News - Theresa May denies conflict of interest in Lincolnshire Police deal

    So he advises that huge parts of the police should be privatised and happens to be a lawyer for the preferred private company.... funny that

    then he gets gets the top job at HM Inspector of Constabulary...

    BBC News - Tom Winsor picked as preferred candidate for police job

    a bit like the chap the Home Sec puts in charge of a review into public pensions....BBC News - Public sector pensions report explained

    gets given the top job at the private company set to run the new pensions....

    FFS, is this some corrupt banana republic?!

    So Teresa May says "If you write these reports the way I want you to, you'll be rewarded nicely"

    Fkin sickening
  2. I've become more and more disappointed with Mrs May over the past few months. I would say its time for her to go, but lets be honest, whoever replaces her is hardly going to be much better/straighter.
  3. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    I'm getting summer fruits with Olympic overtones, just a hint of PPF and a strong finish of Private Eye on the back palate. Best served chilled I feel?
  4. ehwhat

    ehwhat Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    I had to change my response as this isn't the NAAFI. Corruption in government, preferential treatment of cronies, and an inability to find, much less own, a moral compass has been and continues to be commonplace. We tolerate it and they do it. The party out of power raises Cain, until they get in and then does the same in slightly different ways.

    May et al are no different than any other of their ilk. The best one can hope for is that their beaks are short and somewhat blunt when they wet them.
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  5. The olympics are a short term distraction. This govt is raping what they can out of the public services and lining the pockets of their mates before it all falls apart and the coalition collapses or theyre voted out.
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  6. Corruption? Just how did the husband of the deputy Labour party leader win a seat reserved for an all women short list?

    They're all at it.
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  7. Well that's my faith in politicians dented.
  8. Exactly. The trouble is, they've bet quite intelligently on the British electorate's preference for screaming, "Your lot are worse!!!" in each other's faces over binning the lot of them and demanding better.

    Politicians are self-serving and mendacious because voters let them be. If they were half-way competent, it would at least be something.
  9. Indeed they are. See the report submitted to the Prime Minister by 'Transparency International UK' relating to the extent of corruption in the United Kingdom and the response to it by the Prime Minister.

    Note too, the recent case of Jonathon Djanogly whose personal interest in the Insurance Industry ensured that the legal aid reforms he steered through Parliament would result in a reduced insurance liability in compensation payments which arose through clinical negligence. Note his reaction when the reality of his proposals were pointed out to him.

    Not only corrupt, but corrupt with a sneering contempt for the lives or ordinary people!
  10. **** me sideways, they really are rubbing our noses in it too.
  11. We are as corrupt as any Third World country - we are just better at covering it - or at least we used to be. I sometimes think the country where it is at least open and above board may be better off than we are - they don't have to waste huge sums of money trying to hide it.
  12. Someone needs to study Animal Farm again.
  13. I'm not sure porn will help.
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  14. Don't forget his expenses claims, £13,962 for cleaning and £12,951 for gardening at his second home and £5000 for new gates on his main property. The guy is a crook!
  15. But it never hurts.