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corrupted by ARRse.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by samain11, Feb 22, 2013.

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  1. I have been a Led Zep fan for many years but have only started laughing at some of their lyrics since I became a member of this forum.
    Best example is " shake for me girl, I wanna be your backdoor man"... is there hope, or am i truly fucked up beyond help.
    Can I sue?
  2. Yup...youre truly the rest of us.....:)
  3. You forgot the rest

    'you going to take every inch of my love'

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  4. Those hippies of the late sixties/early seventies certainly knew how to express true romance in their lyrics!
    Not surprisingly, Robert Plant has disowned quite a large chunk of his lyrics from those days, stating that he was young and naive and still developing as a songwriter. He also said it would make him cringe singing some of the stuff now that he is well into late middle age himself.
    Still ace music though!

    It also goes to show that squaddie humour is not as unique or original as some make out on this site! :)
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  5. Dr Feelgood's 'Roxette' has the line "and fill your back door up with bricks", particularly disturbing image.
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  6. Have you perhaps misheard the last word?
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  7. Eat The Rich - Motorhead:

    Come on baby, eat the rich,
    Bite down on the son of a bitch,
    Don't mess around, don't you give me no switch…
    C'mon baby and eat the rich,
    C'mon baby and eat the rich…
    Sittin’ here in a hired tuxedo,
    You wanna see my bacon torpedo!…

    Pure poetry, rhyming tuxedo and torpedo like that :D
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  8. And all sung in a sweet, choir boy style that would melt the heart!
  9. Some lyrics from Love Resurrection by Alison Moyet.The saucy minx.

    Show me one direction
    I will not question again
    For a warm injection
    Is all I need to calm the pain

    What seed must I sow
    To replenish this barren land
    Teach me to harvest,
    I want you to grow in my hand

    Let's be optimistic,
    Let's say that we won't toil in vain
    If we pull together
    We'll never fall apart again
  10. Even Wilco wouldn't be that blunt.
  11. I thought Alf was/is a rug muncher?
  12. Steel Panther - If You Really, Really Love Me

    If you really really really really love me then you really really really
    Gotta show me don't whine when I put it in your booty or if I'm up all
    Night playin call of duty never hassle me because I'm unemployed if I sleep
    All day don't get annoyed then I'll know that you really really really
    Really really really love me.

    If you really really want to make me feel nice don't ever make me have ask
    Twice let me have the keys to your mercedes don't complain when I bring
    Home some ladies if I get fat and look like an egg lie to me tell me I'm in
    Great shape then I'll know that you really really really really really
    Really love me.

    When you wonder what I did with the rent just consider it money well spent
    Bought trunks and a new surfboard just go tell you dumb landlord that you
    Love me you really love me

    If I have sex with your friend Melanie don't act like it's some kind of
    Felony it's not uncommon for this kind of infidelity it happens to a lot of
    Guys like tiger woods and me just be happy that I'm hung like a horse and
    You to ride the pony of course then you'll know that I'm really really
    Really really really fond of you too

    When you think it's really suckie girl all your friends say your lucky girl
    Got a man who's hot they say all the girls wanna be with me cause they love
    Me they really love me yes they do

    If you really really really really really love me you make me hang out with
    Your family your mom sucks and your dad really hates me when I try to
    Borrow money he berates me they think I'm too old for you cause your 19 and
    I'm 52 can't they see that you really really really really really really
    Love me. If you really love me.

    Steel Panther - If You Really Really Love Me - YouTube

    It's only rock n roll



    Edited to add - look for the video for their song Fat Girls
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  13. Ive long been a fan of Zodiac Mindwarp & the Love Reaction and some of his lyrics have often left me sniggering

    Backseat Education by Zodiac Mindwarp

    "Oh Baby It Ain't Solitaire
    Horizontal Hold Get Your Legs In The Air"

    or this one, from "Tattooed Beat Messiah"

    "I Got A Six Shooting Schizo Psycho Rod
    Kiss The Barrel Baby Meet Your God"

    wonder what he meant by that? or this snippet, taken from his ditty "Bad Girl City"

    "Oh Baby It Ain't No Sin
    Say Your Prayers Baby
    Let Daddy Stick It In"

    Mind you, the bloke did once claim to be a Sex Fuhrer, whatever that might look like
  14. AC/DC - well loads of their songs are blatantly rude

    big balls

    I'm ever upper class high society
    God's gift to ballroom notoriety
    I always fill my ballroom
    The event is never small
    The social pages say I've got
    The biggest balls of all

    I've got big balls
    I've got big balls
    And they're such big balls
    Dirty big balls
    And he's got big balls
    And she's got big balls
    But we've got the biggest balls of them all

    And my balls are always bouncing
    My ballroom always full
    And everybody cums and cums again
    If your name is on the guest list
    No one can take you higher
    Everybody says I've got
    Great balls of fire

    I've got big balls
    I've got big balls
    And they're such big balls
    Dirty big balls
    And he's got big balls
    And she's got big balls
    But we've got the biggest balls of them all

    Some balls are held for charity
    And some for fancy dress
    But when they're held for pleasure
    They're the balls that I like best
    My balls are always bouncing
    To the left and to the right
    It's my belief that my big balls
    Should be held every night

    I've got big balls
    I've got big balls
    And they're such big balls
    Dirty big balls
    And he's got big balls
    And she's got big balls
    But we've got the biggest balls of them all

    And I'm just itching to tell you about them
    Oh we had such wonderful fun
    Seafood cocktail, crabs, crayfish...

    Ball sucker

    let me put my love into you

    Flying on a free flight
    Driving all night
    With my machinery
    'Cause I, I got the power
    Any hour
    To show the man in me
    I got reputations
    Blown to pieces
    With my artillery
    Whoa ho
    I'll be guided in
    We'll be ridin'
    given what you got to me

    Don't you struggle
    Don't you fight
    Don't you worry
    'Cause it's your turn tonight

    Let me put my love into you, babe
    Let me put my love on the line
    Let me put my love into you, babe
    Let me cut your cake with my knife

    also Sink the pink, Big gun, She's got the jack, You shooke me all night long, can I sit next to you girl, deep in the hole, Givin' the dog a bone, Little Lover, Squealer,