Corrupt MoD official can keep £1.5m

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tangosix, Jan 18, 2008.

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  1. Hello,

    I noticed this whilst looking at todays newspaper headlines:

    The rest can be found here:,,2242887,00.html

  2. Jesus Christ, somebody must have taken a bung to lose his paperwork for 11 years.

    The article states

    So that we can assume that the 1.3 was only the tip of the iceberg and perhaps he had partners for whom he took the fall.
    Helping hands methinks
  3. Bet it was next to those CDs.
  4. I read the artical in the Guardian earlier this morning and am still Gobsmacked.
    Do tend to agree with AJ, sumone must have taken a BUNG.
  5. Bungs allround me thinks.

    I am amazed that someone who had 3.5mil in the bank can suddenly be declared bankrupt!

    Heads should roll in this because at the end of the day it's OUR cash they haven't bothered their backside to recover.

  6. This case is still quoted as one of the Mod Plods finest hours. They must be really p1ssed off at this - as am I. Maybe the old barsteward should write a book naming names - I'll bet it would make interesting reading.

    Thieving old cnut!
  7. I am not a lawyer but if he has been ordered to pay it back and hasn't, why can they not confiscate properties to the value of? I am sure that if I owed more than the value of my house to someone (esp the govt!) I would loose the house...
  8. I knew 2 of his sons quite well and something of their family background. I now understand why, as relatively junior officers, one was able to drive a Panther De Ville and the other kept a 40ft yacht in Portugal. I used to think it was my lack of financial acumen which denied me similar goodies. :roll:
  9. Yeh, here's me thinking something similar. There's 3 ways to make a big pile: nick it, get left it or lie on your back and take it. Or of course, you can work for it as most of us do. It really grips my sh1t when thieving twots like this can get away with most of it. IMHO, he's had help somewhere along the line and those people should be named, shamed and brought to justice as well. :twisted:

    Rant over for now. Nurse, bring me my cloak, I need to walk in the garden for a while. 8O
  10. And the daughter still has my DPM smock from when she went the Falklands - in 1991 8)
  11. Did a member of his family not get 6 months for destroying evidence?
  12. I've known the one with the Panther DeVille* very well indeed since 1985, and his 3 military siblings en passant. I met his civvy Bro and Sis but once.

    In fact he came to stay with me when his dad was nicked in 1989, and have long regarded him as one of the most trustworthy men I've ever known.

    I'll say, from first hand observation of his distress over that first couple of days. that he was in no way aware of his Dad's criminality. I'll also tell you that - since leaving the Army - the man in question has secured his own finances through plain hard work and - as you rightly point out - financial acumen.

    I'd advise against the slinging of mud - it mostly comes over as petty jealousy.[hr]*Edited to add this Stonkernote On reflection, I'm not sure that it was even a PdV - I remember it as a rather ostentatious set of kit-car bodywork with a standard Ford engine under the bonnet. If I'm right, that would rather cast doubt on the 40 ft yacht thing, too. 8)
  13. First, I think the entire amount should be repaid and the b***er jailed.

    However, I wouldn't mind reading his memoirs - the proceeds could be used to help repay the money.

    Given the MoD's track record on fraud I think Mr Foxley's brief could have a field day citing embarrassing precedents. Some years ago a question (not rhetorical) was asked of a 2 Star. "What is the greater offence - instructing someone to commit fraud or refusing to obey the order?" The reply was the first is not an offence, the second is. This was upheld by a 4* and successive Ministers for the Armed Forces.
  14. No problem with having it repaid but jailing him again for the same offence might have us in front of the ECHR. Now don't get me wrong I am no liberal pinko faggot but........... :D