Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Murielson, Nov 17, 2004.

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  1. How apt. New pizza sponsorship and the jacuzzi coming thru' the ceiling in Corrie whilst they tuck into ham and pineapple pizzas. Some funny storylines at the moment.

  2. Are you admitting to watching that shite? If so, kicking on the 4th for you!
  3. bang to rights. Been watching Corrie since I was a kid so at least 35 jahre. No b*llox. total comedy at the mo' so fine by me.
  4. You need help buddy, some councilling or perhaps Dr Browning's 9mm injection???

  5. loads watch it, not amny with balls to admit it. Lot of it is sh*te but some classic humour make up for it.

  6. Sorry Murielson, the doris sometimes watches it and looks like whinging shite to me, but then I haven't, thankfully, cracked who's who.
  7. Has its good points......the missus watches it, so I can urine off and play Need for Speed in peace. :)
  8. WTF is all these bone threads??? come on chaps and chapess's this the NAAFI not the YMCA :cry:
  9. last time i saw it ena sharples was in the snug with those other two biddies. Does this date me?!
  10. I sit watching Coronation pants, wondering if Karens big norks might fall free from thier tit-sling.....

    Other than that the entire cast could be put to death on prime time...

    Does that ginger Fizz thing have a fella in real life... I wouldn't even nail that with someone elses... in fact I wouldn't do it with mine, and I could do it from further away :D
  11. Man am I waiting for those BBC to fall out

    Thats the only reason I watch it to and also for that Maria bird and that Niki Sanderson brird what ever her character name is :oops: :roll: :oops: :roll:
  12. CANDICE I knew I would get it eventually
  13. I must admit that despite, it's utter sh-iteness, i've got a soft spot for Corrie.

    It's living proof that you can be a boot and still achieve success. Look at the state of Gail. A more repugnant looking woman does not exist, but she's been raking it in for years and has even managed to snare a couple of hunks in the process, despite one of them turning out to be a moiderer.
    She's as rough as old arrseholes. Perhaps that's the real reason he went on his killing spree. A few homicides followed by your own hastily arranged death probably seemed like a swan compared to waking up next to that every morning. :lol:
  14. But Gail is a statuesque beauty in comparison the Deidre 'stretch neck' Barlow and the beast in form of Liz Mcdonald... Christ they are ugly.

    Candice's norks could do with a boost, Sarah Louise's eyes need splashing in and Maria needs it stuffign up her council gritter to make her lose the attitude.

    I have a recurring dream which has turned into a thrap fantasy.... I picture me plating Emily Bishop while Norris does her hoop with a baguette and Blanche nibbles my plums....
  15. Don't get me started on Deirdre. There was a NAAFI lady in Arnhem barracks who looked just like her, right down to the big turkey-wattle neck, and I copped off with her in the Loggy bar. I tried to give her a love bite and ended up with about three pounds of neck flesh constricting my airway. From the other side, she must have looked quite good to the casual passerby, as I was taking all the slack out of her grid.

    I still shudder about it now. :oops: It was taking the Go ugly early philosophy too far.