Corrie: Gary Windass joining up

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vampangua, Dec 4, 2009.

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  1. Plausible storyline? He's just told all and sundry in T'Rovers that he's off on a training weekend.

    Wouldn't his recent custodial sentence be a bit of a hindrance?
  2. No wonder Arrse sucks nowadays :roll:
  3. Aggravated burglary, GBH + others (wife told me) will probably join up as an officer, It is fairy tale land after all!
  4. It's going to get more attention to the process and implications of joining up into the mass meedja than many other activities.
  5. Didn't one of the Aussie soaps have one of their characters join the ADF once?
  6. Was that the bloke who went on to be a plastic surgeon in Florida after running over a car in his old centurion
  7. What is this "Corrie" of which you speak?

    Is it a place? A person perhaps? Or maybe yet another form of quasi-religion for the sad and delusionsal? Does it actually matter? :roll:

  8. Surely you are bound to know it? it's on the tv every night there's a woman called Ena Sharples in it from oop north....well there was the last time I saw it.
  9. Corrie is one of the most watched televisual continuing dramas. It attracts millions of viewers each episode. It reaches 50 years of transmission in June 2010; an event which is likely to attract further meedja attention and boost viewing figures.

    It is brewing a storyline in which one of its young ne'er do wells joins the Army. Soap attention has a knock on to real life (ask any doctor when there's a newly diseased character): presumably this could be a good or a bad thing, depending on the script development. I've no idea whether they have military script advisers, or if so who they are.
  10. I wouldn't know, I don't watch that shoight.

    (My Missus watches it, I'm just there in the room, honest)
  11. I tend to agree (can't help my interest in media sh!t). I will be interested to see if they go through with it, and whether it will be portrayed as an actual storyline with appearances by Gary as a soldier, rather than a way to cut costs by eliminating actors.

    I am sure that it would be a long way from the Jim-McDonald-as-Northern-Irish-baddie story, which would definitely reflect the tone of the times.
  12. cor·rie (kôr, kr)
    A round hollow in a hillside; a cirque.


    [Scottish Gaelic coire, hollow, cauldron, from Old Irish, cauldron, whirlpool.]

    NOT CORRIE n. Televisual dogsh1t

    [Middle English CORRIE,televisual excrement from Old English,televisual shit]
  13. Is that Phil mitchells, the landlord of the Rovers g/f ?

  14. Nooo!!

    That's his brother "grunt" the one that's in the Army...ffs pay attention at the back.
  15. Update, for the few who are interested:

    Back at Remembrance Day, Gary slagged off all armed forces in t'Rovers, thereby losing job offer from Peter Barlow (ex-RN chef and recovering alcoholic) and attracting opprobrium from Gail's newly discovered father. Amazingly, by describing his Aemy service, the latter effected a personality transplant on the loathsome young Windass, who became inspired by all things the Army could offer him. He went on a training weekend in early Dec, during which he was taken aside by an instructor and told he really had what it took. Cue wailing from his mother, but surprisingly pragmatic manly support from his wastrel father. And as predicted by TankiesYank, the spirit of Jim reappeared, with Elizabeth reminiscing about how she'd hated Army life, but that Jim had never seemed more alive than when with his mates talking about the Falklands.

    [edited to improve clarity, I hope - will add details of Gail's father's service if I find them]

    Forward to this week, and it's Gary's leaving party. He didn't want a fuss, but he got party in the Rovers, plus bizarre hand grenade shaped cake. And David Platt pinning a target on his back - causing Gary's mother to have another emotional outburst - reminding everyone he could really be maimed/killed etc. Gary, looking far more adult already, points out he'd have no prospects otherwise. And he departs for 3 months.

    I've not seen any spoilers yet on where this story might go, but it's the 50th anniversary this summer, so they'll want some big storylines then.