Correspondence chess

I've just discovered the joys of internet correspondence chess and thought I would recommend it to anyone who hasn't found it yet.
I enjoyed chess as a 'pass the time' sort of thing, but usually got beaten after suddenly making a really stupid move.
With this you can set the time for each move from minutes to 15 days so you get the chance to think about it a bit more and means you can 'pop in' for 15 minutes over lunch or for longer in the evening infront of the telly.
The best sites I found, both dot com, are chess and che55. The first has all the bells and whistles but the second can be acessed using a mobile phone so you can play from pretty much anywhere.
It's also virtually free, you don't have to pay up and join until you've played 50 games.
All the players are 'rated' so you can avoid the experts and members are from all over the world.
Hope someone finds this is useful, I'm really enjoying it.

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