Corrective LAser Surgery

Discussion in 'Juniors' started by Spr_D, Jul 6, 2011.

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  1. I can see ok for reading and distance with my bins on. But they're just inconvenient for exercises and fieldcraft. Especially when it's facking raining. Sooooooo i wondered what the general policy is on such matters. I've mulled over the pros and cons and i'd much rather go for this than contacts etc.

    TA btw.
  2. Asked an MO a few days ago so this is (probably) gen.

    Currently MoD policy on laser eye surgery is under review. MO didn't know when the new policy would be announced.

    Currently the only acceptable version of the surgery is LASEK, but you're downgraded for 12 months.

    It's also ******* expensive if you want to have it done by someone with good experience and equipment.
  3. Try Optical Express mate. A German company who perfected it (Although Tropper has the rights on the actual procedure!). Not a bad price either. As for policy, who knows you have had it done? fixed in days.
  4. A2_Matelot

    A2_Matelot LE Book Reviewer

    The current MoD policy allows most people except Aircrew, Divers and SF to have it done [although I understood SF had theirs done anyway - or did I bite?]

    As already posted, you are downgraded for 12m and you need to have LASEK. Did mine almost 2 years ago, (A) it's not that expensive and (B) Its fookin' hurts - at least for the first 2-4 hours. Thereafter awesome, woke up on day 1 with 5/5 vision....

    I would say, in my opinion, its not money wasted and the sooner you get it done the better!

    I used Optimax, they regularly do deals (check out via Google) - I had -2.5/-2.4 prescription and it was £1500 for LASEK with wavefront, reduced to £995.
  5. Cheers! I'll have a go. Appreciate the feedback.
  6. If you use the search function this has come up many times before. You'll find the info on here.
  7. Was that for both eyes? I'm going to have a first meeting with Optical Express on 23rd. I also heard tht if you say 'no thanks' they rind you up the next day with huge reductions - did you have any experience of haggling with them?
  8. Just had mine done with Optical Express in MK... Thought it was generally a very good service and due to being military they gave me a £600 discount! That discount also extends to family as well.

    Very uncomfortable for the first few hours, but after that everything is great and my sight is better than 20/20.

    The MO on camp stated that it is fine to have it done, they just make a note on your file now. No mention of being downgraded either!
  9. With there begin no mention of begin downgraded do you think they have changed there policy on laser eye surgery?
  10. Pretty sure there has been no policy change.... The MO said that essentially the policy is full of grey areas and is open to interpretation.
  11. Ditto, had mine done at Optical Express in MK four weeks ago. Aside from the first three days of agony it's without a doubt the best decision I ever made.
  12. Simple answer for those willing to be a bit dishonest. Take two weeks leave. Have it done on day 1. By the end of the period, all is well on the way to recovery and no-one need know that you are not wearing contacts.
  13. Oh and by the way, agony? Poofs! FFS, its less painful than a decent tattoo. Jsut be sure to use lots of the eye drops they give you.
  14. But it will of course be totally obvious if a doctor takes a look with a scope.
  15. i got mine done with ultralase and went for the most expensive one (£4k) i'd been round optical express and optimax for the assessments and although i thought optical express seemed pretty decent (wasnt impressed with optimax) ultralase seemed like the best with the highest level of treatment available, as i was -6.75 in one eye and -7 in the other i thought i'd better not scrimp on cost. i'm now like a mastermind champion who's specialist subject is seeing (bottom line on the eye chart) and would thoroughly recommend it.