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Discussion in 'Officers' started by headdown, May 28, 2008.

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  1. My Brigade Commander (nice chap) wrote me a personal note telling me all sorts of vital stuff. In order to make it official he put in a salutation and signed it. The salutation reads "Dear Fred" but my name isn't Fred. He is my 2RO so I'd rather hope he knows my name. Do I

    1. Red pen it and send it back.
    2. Phone his PA and ask her to subtly check his list of names
    3. Change my name to Fred by deed poll.
    4. Get my coat summon a taxi and go get a life.

    How does one correct the Brig?
  2. How about growing one of these and stomping in to his In-Tray?

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  3. however you do it, make sure it gets done.

    few years ago i had a CR where the part 2 didn't exactly mirror what i had achieved that year. it was rather disappointing, in fact. it wasn't done face to face with the CO; i was just given it to read and initial by the OC.

    couple of weeks later at the remembrance day curry lunch, the CO came up and said "ah, Sgt Smith, how's it going?"

    of course i had to reply "Sorry Sir, i'm not Sgt Smith. I'm Sgt Jones."

    cue CO looking confused and embarassed, and light being shed on why my part 2 wasn't as good as it could have been...

    lesson being: make sure he knows your name. or associates your name with someone much, much better :)
  4. If he got your surname correct then just let it go.

    If he got it wrong then maybe it is not your letter!!
  5. Excellent.
  6. Surname and initial are correct-guess I'll get over it and survive with another cup of coffee.
  7. You could always do what I did. Spell his surname incorrectly on your letter of introduction 8O .

    Luckily we both saw the funny side.

    And now I'm SO3 (Raw Sewage) :D
  8. See what he calls you next time you meet him and if he says Hell Fred say Its Headdown Sir...

    I doubt he wants to get your name wrong and will think it rather odd if you accept Fred without mentioning it!

    Option 2 from your list is probably best although option 1 my draw his attention to you mettle.
  9. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    My Brecon report was the same, useless twonk of an OC actually managed to write someoneelses name instead of mine halfway through the report and on his bit, the only bad bit I might add. Luckily I was made up before this came to light!
  10. Just call him by random name when he says 'mine isnt that name' you can say 'well my name isnt fred, so were quits - sir!'
  11. Be ultra-loyal to him, and at the right moment assert that "We Freds must stick together".
  12. Perhaps ask one of your peers ( next time you see the Brig ) to call you, slightly louder thn usual and well within earshot of the Brig, by your first name, or refer to you while addressinh him, as eg. "Captain David Snodgrass."

  13. Break into his office in the dead of night, and spraypaint "Fred" all over the walls in blood coloured paint. When he charges into your office the next morning, inform him your name is not Fred, and he must be looking for somebod else :D
  14. Mate,

    Having been both Adjt and SO3 G1 at a Bde (not through choice and, yes, I clearly did upset someone at the APC!), there is an easy way to sort it........if you are still having kittens.

    If you are in Bn, speak to the Adjt and get him to have a word with the Superintendant clerk at Bde. He will know him pretty well and the Super is the guy who actually prepares all the Capt's reports/MS stuff, so there is no actual formal 'chat', just a check to see if the paperwork is correct. If you are not at RD, ring the SO3 G1 and ask him to check the paperwork. If he is any good at all, he'll do it and not make any fuss.

    You have to keep in mind that the Comd writes on about 60 Capts, 50 Majors etc etc etc in a type 'A' Bde. So his report is very heavily weighted towards your showing at the Bde Grading conference and then the 1RO comments. Your boss will send the report up with cover notes eg 'best capt, 5th best capt, wally etc to the Super Clerk/DCOS.

    If you are still concerned, ask your boss for another 'MS' moment the next time the Comd visits..............So don't worry about it! :D
  15. If he's a decent guy he probably has a sense of humour, respond to his letter thank him for the info' and make a joke of the fact he got your name wrong.