Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by PLANK, Jun 17, 2006.

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  1. Hi
    I have noticed that as opposed to the correct wearing of berets a LOT of Regt's Now wear the beret on the eyebrows with the REGTL BADGE at the SIDE of their head as opposed to being 1" above the eyebrow with the CENTER of the BADGE OVER the LEFT EYE.
    Is there any reason for this or is it just fashion (are the SEN NCO's unable to stop this???)How the Hell are you to train young people to wear uniform correctly if the SO CALLED ADULTS SEEM TO BE POSING AROUND trying to look good. :? :? :evil: :evil:
  2. i have seen Paras doing it as well, among others, you going to march up to one of them and give them a rifting ?

    i will stand back from a very safe distance to see the fall out :)
  3. I wear my beret with the badge slightly over my right ear. I think it's the five years in the legion that did that.... no cnut tells me how to wear my beret or I'll make a dental appt for them!
  4. i think it was the paras that started it off :evil:
  5. And, presumably, you've got the bow in the middle of your forehead? (dental appointment already made for a week on Tuesday).

    My cap badge is above my left eye, but the band touches my eyebrows. This hides my worry lines and thereby inspires confidence in subordinates. :wink:
  6. Bow, no, we got rid of bows as we were issued with flints......

    I'll let you off with the dental appt as us frogs wear beret badge on the other side... lol
  7. I can understand the french being a bit put off about bows.
  8. I used to wear mine with the badge midway between the ear and the left eye. Berets are a very personal thing, and cutting a dash is vital for looking ally. Providing it doesn't look like a potato sack - or an unintentional caubeen, who gives a flying? There are more pressing issues at stake.
  9. In 49 Para, we shaped our heads to fit the beret.

    The badge was worn directly over the right ear.

    For comfort, still in the beret.

    St John Walter (Corporal Retired)
    Walter House
  10. Agreed! looking ally is all important. badge over to the left, about midway between the eye & ear. :)
    now, if our berets were to look like dead pasties in rigamortise, then that would be cause for complaint ........... but they dont, so it is not. :)
  11. all valid points but i'm sure you could where how you like until the Badge man and his provo cronies say other wise eh????
  12. I am a provo crony so eat poo poo and decease!

    49 para all the waaaaayyyy..... packed lunch!?!?!?!?!?!?
  13. I'll hapily eat poo poo if the provo crony requires it and yes i failed 49 para selection :cry:
  14. Plank,
    I know, it's horrid this aping of the Stillborn habit of wearing berets incorrectly. If the badge is not directly over the left eye it looks ridiculous. HOWEVER, at least the twerps to which you allude are wearing berets. I work in a town/city that has more than its fair share of Military within the surrounding area. Quite often one spots men in uniform wandering around the town WITHOUT anything on their heads! Bloody shambles. I pulled up a couple of young fellows in the AAC the other day and told 'em what I thought, and, what's more to get their fcuking hands out of their pockets. They were so surprised they fished their headdress from out of their hip pockets and got properly dressed!.......I then legged it into Tescos incase they recovered from their surprise and decided to give me a good kicking!

    Seriously - is the wearing of uniform allowed now 'outside' the wire, and if so, surely headdress must be worn?

  15. Yes. And yes. Sadly, there is no prohibition on looking like a sack of siite.