Correct way to run

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by hong_kong_fuey, Jul 18, 2007.

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  1. I'm unsure of the 'correct' way to run. I always assumed that heel first was the correct way to run but I have been told by an ex para/ex Frog Foreign Legion that the natural way to run is to land on the balls of your feet. His argument was that before the advent of shoes people ran on the balls of their feet. Can somebody clear this up? Cheers.
  2. Cheers Flossy!
  3. Its essential that you stick to the .....left foot, right foot, left foot etc, technique. Left foot, left foot, left foot, just wont work and you'll look silly.

    Tune in tomorrow for expert insights into techniques for blinking and hand clapping.
  4. Don't forget to continually go in a forward motion or this to will cause problems if not adhered to
  5. Sixty

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    Ignore that sarky fcuker up there^ :D

    The only time you'd really need to put weight on the balls of your feet is if you do a lot of running uphill. Running shoes have a massive amount of heel padding/gel areas/support at the back for a reason.
  6. No worries hong_kong

    are you inquiring because you get pain when you run or just interested??
  7. Firstly, putting one foot infront of the other works for me.

    Don't flail your limbs, it wastes energy, look forward.. AND DRINK PLENTY BEFORE YOU GO > KEY TECHNIQUE
  8. I bet that Reptile told you they made them run barefoot too?
    Dont think too much. Just run. Start "thinking" about how you run if it does not feel natural will probably just cause damage.
  9. Having got to where you're going to, come back on the bus. It's so much easier.

    Oh, and don't forget to breathe - quite important, that.
  10. I've recently started running again and after half a mile, or so, I get pains in my shins. I was wondering if this was caused by my technique or not being used to running (it has been a while). From what I've picked up on this site I am now aware of the importance of stretching and warming up, the importance of taking it steady at first and not over training, and alternating exercise routines (swimming, cycling, running, etc). I plan to take a trip to a specialist running shop to get the correct pair of trainers.

    To all those sarky bastwards, I ain't doing the sack race. It might look like it, but I'm not.
  11. Shin splints? AGAIN :p
  12. Good idea for the specialist shoe shop!

    i used to have sore shins and i pronate. so i have shoes to stop pronation and double strike sorbothane inners to stop the soreness! works a treat!

    Are you joining regs or TA or just wanna keep fit??
  13. In that case, I would recommend taking the bus there, and run back.
  14. Just make sure you haven't got OCD or you'll take 2 steps forward and one step back :p