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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by XII153, Jul 28, 2006.

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  1. Hi, I have my RCB Briefing date coming up in around a months time, I am not really stressing over the physical side of things at the Briefing or the Main Board, I have put alot of work in over the past 2 months and have made good and steady progress, I can achieve around 60-70 pressups in the allocated two minutes, and achieve around 9 minutes on the run, however i can get around 120 situps in the two minutes and i feel this figure is far too high, so i thought i would enquire if my technique was right.

    Lying back on the floor arms folded close to the chest, raise to a vertical position, then back down but I only go down until the middle of my back touches the floor then come straight back up to the vertical positon. Will this be seen as a valid situp in the DS's eyes or should I be going all the way down until the whole of my back is fully on the floor?

    P.S i do all of my situps in a gym where a friend stands on my feet, I presume this is the same at RCB?

    Any answers greatly appreciated.

  2. I would'nt worry to much about situp technique mate, cause if thats you in the Avtar phot and you've got the neck to post it on here, then you can stand by for plenty of "helpfull" advice
  3. if you can do 120 mate then you can afford to go all the way down mate, anyway the way i understand it you only do a 500m run at the briefing (i have mine in September)


    i can do 60 sits, 65 press ups and do the 9min run as well but just give it everything
  4. Whats RCB Briefing ??
  5. dont understand what you mean?
  6. What is a press up? ARE THEY IMPORTANT?
  7. RCB = really crap boss
  8. My briefing is on the 21-22 August, as far as i am aware you dont have to perform the situps/pressups or the run at the briefing but would be nice to go prepared so if they do ask to see you give it a shot at least they know you have spent some time preparing.
  9. why do 120...I only have to do 40!!!!! Why bust ur backside!
  10. On RCB you are stopped at 50, but I think to at least make people aware that you have put effort in and got yourself in decent and not "minimal pass grade" shape is a good idea. I can't see the point in only getting to where you HAVE to be on the physical side of things. Whats the use of crossing the line of the 2.4k run bang on the required time looking knackered when if you know you can put the effort in and cross the line 1.5 minutes before looking exerted obviously, but with a smile on your face. If faced with two people like this which one would you think had prepeared better?
  11. If thats you in the photo, you really want our advice?? There again if that is you in the photo, try and they will help you do press-ups
  12. Hey XII153, after 18 years of doing this S**T, I think I know when I have put the effort in. I can still beat alot of these youngsters they are pushing out of training....If you do get it then you will soon learn my boy!!!!
  13. i have no doubt you are right but I still feel i should try my best and if my best is better than what is required thats not my fault, it becuase I dont work and have nothing to do all day other than work my arse off at this stuff
  14. All right for some!
  15. well i knew that i wanted to do this, i was in terrible shape but had a good job so i saved up around 4k then quit my ob and have been living off that while i trained and waited for my dates etc, hopefully if i pass RCB i can return to work part-time until my intake.