Correct Pay Rates

I might as well just join the club and be happy with getting some money but unfortunately the JPA doesn't appear to be sensitive to family-oriented people & i now have my Wife demanding i leave the TA because my pay has been messed up since last Spring (first sign of money appeared in December) least they're conmsistent.

Can anyone tell me the correct rates of pay for the following:
1) For a Potential Officer new entrant (i believe it's £36.43), &
2) For a Potential Officer after completing Mod.1 2wk camp (i believe it's £39.91).

I only ask because i have been paid on 3 different rates & my PSAO & admin clerk state different figures.
If you are serving in a normal TA Unit ie not UOTC you will be paid as a soldier on the New Enrant Rate of Pay (NERP) of £32.00 pre day for your first 12 months, unless commissioned before that date. There is no reason for you to be out of pocket - if JPA is not paying you properly your unit should be!! but there again your JPA record should have been sorted a long time ago!! Ours are all sorted straight after attestation and all individuals paid on the first of the month following.


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