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Discussion in 'ACF' started by Bowser-Mong, Nov 9, 2009.

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  1. Yesterday I saw an adult instructor resplendent in No2s complete with Golden Jubilee medal whilst at a Remembrance Parade. He looked very smart. There was , however, nothing on his uniform to signify that he is just what he is ie an Adult Instructor. I know he is as I know him personally and he is a nice enough harmless bloke but shouldnt he have something on his uniform to denote his affiliation to the ACF. He isnt a walt or anything. As I say its out of general interest only.
  2. "Anodised 'ACF' title to be worn on Service Dress/ No 2 Dress."

    At the base of the epaulet, ie below where the rank badges would be if an officer.
  3. Agreed.

  4. Anyone that makes an excuse for not having these ACF titles is a walt. Lots of AI's will claim that they were unable to obtain them.
  5. Yup. Come across a few myself. A lot try to make out they are regular or TA. ACF titles are easy to obtain and should be worn by all AI's and Officers. There is no excuse.
  6. Absoloutley Acf or ccf to be worn by all staff no excuse !

  7. And should be proud to wear them!1
  8. I am very proud to wear mine!

    As stated above not only is there no excuse not to wear them (just ask your friendly QM for some) but also I believe (please shout at me if I'm wrong) AI/Officers are Obliged to wear them as part of their dress and it is against Dress Regs not to do so. Also I believe there is a security issue as well.
  9. is absolutely correct, IMO I have no issues wearing them myself and is proud to do so.
  10. Yes the wearing of ACF titles in all forms of dress is within our dress regulations, and as was rightly said we should be proud to wear them. The simple answer to those who say they an't get anodised titles for their No2 dress is simple. Wear CS95 with ACF slides. It is after all the kit we are issued, and it's good nough for the cadets.
  11. ACF titles are available from the Cadet Kit Shop and are even demandable (on repayment) as they have an NSN.

    No-one should ever say they can't get 'em!
  12. bugger - i've just gone and shelled out for a set of rifles ones to put on my new (well, new to me) service dress. i was not aware you could even GET acf ones.

    wasn't going to bother with service dress but i got a good deal on a second hand one. now i know how much a bloomin cross belt cost i wish i hadn't! :x
  13. The joys of CCF RNR and its wavy navy stripes! No denying I am a cadet force adult volunteer! However if I was appointed as SSI could wear my Chiefs rank slides without CCF flashes and that came from HQ
  14. hey, buster crab was RNVR, and he had wavy stripes too!
  15. Dont buy service dress...

    Buy FAD you can get it online, it costs £60 for the jacket and trousers. Add buttons, badges etc and its £100 for the lot... That way you are up to date uniform wise and paying a lot less.