Correct highland dress at a white tie function

Discussion in 'Officers' started by BuggerAll, Jan 30, 2006.

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  1. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    A friend of mine has been invited to a 'white tie' function. He intends to wear Highland dress and was discussing with me what would be correct. I don't know what is the strict protocol so if anybody out there does I'd be grateful and will pass it on.

    For what its worth I think strictly speaking he should wear a 'Montrose' jacket with a silk jabot. However this is not practical as it is almost impossible to hire them, and having one made is costly. A highland outfitter has advised him to wear a white tie and marcella waistcoat with his PC, but another has said that white ties and kilts are a not on. Hence the discussion.
  2. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    only time I've worn white tie with my kilt was for my graduation.

    As far as am aware fine to wear normal Black tie and just change colour of tie!

    But should be white hose.
  3. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    White Hose?- Cream if anything - but surely diced hose with buckle brogues are more formal. Cream hose and ghillie brogues are more suitable for day wear and are only accepted for evening wear as a money saving expedient. Like those seal skin (rabbit) purse sporrans, that are so popular with outfitters, there OK if you can't get the real thing.
  4. Should be either a black tie or a white jabot. See link.

  5. White tie is white tie where ever you come from! (Unless, ofcourse, you happen to be Mr Brown) Oik.
  6. Why not "white tie" jacket, shirt waistcoat and tie and Trews?
  7. LOL Queensman.

    Just to add that I have never even been to a white tie event north of the border, so the question has never arisen. Maybe that is down to the jock-o-chav circles I move in. White tie with kilt sounds nasty to me - so I would 'drop the kilt' if white tie reqd. Might be OK for you toffs in the Home Counties.
  8. right,

    basically Highland Evening Dress is the jock equivilent to White Tie. (At least at jock div Ball that is the accepted form of dress) Highland Evening Dress - Dress Kilt (if you want to be padantic it differes from a day kilt) Fur Sporran (again different from a day sporran) brogues - either buckle or otherwise, cream hose. Jacket wise Prince Charles is fine - DO NOT wear a traditional white tie or black tie jacket. Trews are not generally accepted as 'white tie' but i would seek clarification on this.

  9. white hose cream hose.....all very girly.

    Diced hose or argyle hose would be more formal, with buckle brogues.

    I have seen a short cut - Mess dress type black jacket worn with white waistcoat, shirt and white tie. Looked OK, but not common.
  10. The traditional white tie version of Highland dress consists of:

    • Black coatee - Prince Charlie, Montrose and Sheriffmuir jackets are suitable
    • Black waistcoat
    • Kilt
    • White pique shirt and vest with white studs and cufflinks
    • White bow tie
    • Black Ghillie brogues
    • Tartan or red and white, red and black or blue and white diced kilt hose
    • Flashes
    • Sporran - formal type with a silver-mounted cantle-top and fur pouch or a full fur and animal mask type

    For education purposes only.
  11. What would be correct is White Tie!

  12. If one goes to a white tie do in Mess Kit (and it is perfectly proper so to do) then one still wears a black bow tie. The same applies if one is wearing a coatee (Prince Charlie) with the kilt.

    Montrose jackets, and other high collared kilt jackets with a lace jabot and cuffs are more dressy than a coatee, and look better with buckled brogues ILO the ghillie brogues more commonly worn.

    White hose are only worn by pipers (traditionally), cream hose are considered acceptable for evening, as are diced hose.

    If you want to see the full range of kilt options for the evening, check out the Kinloch Anderson site Kinloch Anderson Evening Jackets