Correct dress for wives for 22 yr Dining out in WO/Sgts mess

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by accidentalscaley, Feb 17, 2008.

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  1. Can someone advise what a Wife Of should wear to a 22 year dining out dinner in the WO/Sgts mess?
  2. A big smile
  3. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Full set of webbing and a smile. :D

    p.s. Why are wives invited to dining out do's?

    Unless they are members in their own right,.

    They may hear something from said veteran's early days that might just cause a bit of friction. If not then he has probably had a very boring career.
  4. Usually, a dress that goes (down!) past the knee.
  5. This all depends on age and edition of said wife:

    If she is first issue (ie 35-40) then it would be best that she covered up wrinkles/saggy bits/signs of past pregnancies etc

    If she is a newer younger edition (20-35) and slim then something revealing and short is always nice
  6. New, very expensive jewellery.

    (At least, that's what SHE'll tell you).
  7. And a new dress for every function :roll: and shoes and a bag to match :x
  8. I had my 22 year dining out last November and wives/husbands/partners werent invited to the actual dinner (which was a full Regt dinner in mess kit etc), we sat down at 4pm (curtains closed, candles lit), there were 4 of us being dinned out. All other halves and guests were invited to attend the evening function which started at 7.30pm. Of course we were all minging by the time they turned up.
    Their dress was normal evening wear, but if they are attending the dining out which is in mess dress then partners should be in equivilant dress, black tie or long dress with shoulders covered and obviously full webbing.

    mid-night at the dining out
    If only!
  9. Nothing
  10. filbert,

    wasn't that the safe sex night run by the nurses?
  11. yes it was, thats why I put 'if only' underneath, chances of chicks dressing up like that and then stripping off to show everyone at a mess dinner - 0
  12. A pearl necklace?
  13. Webbing;

    58 pat for your fat old bits
    Silk and lace for your fit sexy bits.
  14. Ron Hills and white stiletto's :wink:
  15. over stretched green PT t shirt, with said ron hills, white stiletto's, also must have at least 10 earings in each ear, 1 nose stud, 1 eyebrow stud and fake gold rings on every finger of each hand and finally out dated tattoos from the elbow down, follow that and she will look a treat!!!