Well done to all those that took part this, as I am in Asia and won't get the results until the next Corp Rag will someone please PM me or post the results...thanks!
Check your PM,
Well done 9 Supply (He says with gritted teeth!)
And before Shooting chef starts I can't remember seeing you competing on Friday LOL. :p
Excellent meet this year. Good competition which was closer than we would have liked but kept the boys and girls on their toes.

Well done the champion shot who had next to no training time, yet proved he is an undoubted natural talent who could rival the original poster.

commiserations to Moon and his boys and girls they will be a force to reckon with next year as will the boys from 2 LSR who took us to the wire.

We all really need to promote this competition as the banter and commaraderie this year made the competition for me personnelly and it has renewed my faith in the sport and the spirit of the competition.

Will the fat lady be singing next year from South Cerney or do we all have another year to try and win something?

Well done all see you at Bisley.

Association Cup Winner (just!) just for you that one Moon!!!!!!

Chefs Rock!!!!!
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