Corpsaam 2007

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Barrack Room Lawyer, Apr 18, 2007.

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  1. Was anyone there weekend just gone? Bloody roasting weather! I myself was most impressed with the amount of work put in by the AGC in making their "winners chair" :D
  2. Was it leather bound ergonomic swivel on wheels and a specially designed orthopaedic frame ?
  3. Nope, their's was a plastic one that looked like it had been fetched from the cookhouse!
  4. I think that was the Int Corps chair. The AGC has a wooden one.

    I was there and picked up a gong or two
  5. Well done, who did you represent?
  6. I hope they still have the wooden one............ My name is on a brass plaque on the f**ker!
  7. name is also on it! But not this year alas - picked up a nice bit of silverware instead.
  8. Are you both going to Bisley later in the year?
  9. I haven’t shot competitively for several years now, due to postings etc. Still miss it though :D
  10. Yeah that plastic chair was Int Corps. We threw a team together at the and didn't know that we required a chair. I sensed jealousy
  11. I was there, weather was fantastic. Twas I RCOing the falling plates competition, funny as fcuk when the Benny Hill tune came over the tannoy system!
  12. Was there was more than hot, Benny Hill caused great hilarity amongst the masses, and the AGC chair was ace, cos I spent ages repairing, staining and polishing the damned thing after it got damaged between last year and this year....

    Devilish - Are you the officer-type chap that suggested I set up in business 'refurbing' everyones chairs?....
  13. Well done to the green slime for getting a team in there, apologies to the AGC for thinking the chair was yours! When I first saw it I thought it was a p1ss take!

    What Corp was the guy from who had a ND on the Roupell shoot? Bet the armourer was well happy with him!

    151 and 158 won more or less everything within the RLC.
  14. Pretty sure he was AGC....apologies if I'm wrong...

    Hope he got the case in for the rest of his team....
  15. No mate, he's the big boss, I was the RCO, guy with the loud hailer and the voice like gravel after 2 days of shouting my head of in the butts doing buttsIC on the association cup.