Would just like to confirm some things about the results at CORPSAAM 06, as last year when the stainer was printed 10 Regt were suddenly Corp champions which was not the case.

Major unit champions for the second year in a row are......... 9 Sup Regt........... well done boys and girls.

Will say however the rifle champion from 10 Regt played an absolute blinder and wiped the board in the ind matches and deserved every piece of silver he won. well done fella.
who was the 10 regt winner was it pedan?
i treasure my 2003 falling plate trophy with pride as it was a honour to beat ARRC there and BAGsaam
Has anybody please got a link for the results, or alternatively contact me via this means and send me an email.

I am normally there but have missed the last couple due to being surrounded by sun, sea and palm trees (and getting old some may say)!

Well done Ben Pedan for last year, and equally congratulations to the 'new blood' Pte Prakash...I'll be seeing you soon...!
Results not promuglated yet but a quick run of them is

Rifle champion, Roberts cup, Roupell Cup, B calss winner, young soldier winner, LSW + some more i can't remember - Pte Prakash.
FTA Winners - 9 Regt
Major Unit Champions - 9 Regt.
Rifle team - 10 Regt A.
Best team all weapons - 10 Regt A.
Association Cup - Maj Calvert.
Pistol Team - 151 TA (The grey fox's lot).
Pistol Ind - The grey Fox.
Pistol Rank & File Cpl Laurence.
Pistol WO SNCO - some extremely good looking chef bloke.
Minor unit winners 1 Bn REME Stores Troop.

Can't think of any more except Pte Hariraj was runner up in virtually everything behind Prakash.

Please PM/email if you want more info.
Pte Prakash did well...! Good to see big Paddy winning some silver at last on the Association Cup, and no shock at all to see the old 'silver fox' is taking away the pistol trophies...and was that big Lol winning Pistol Rank & File or another by the same name?

If there are any ex-ARRC firers out there let me know how you got on...(Boss Dan here!).

Congratulations to all, its good to see teams still competing despite the committments.
Al you know it was me that single handedly beat ARRC at the Falling plate in 2003 at Corpsaam and Bagsaam! Good to hear from u again Boss Dan! Still in sunnier climates then?
Lookin forward to seeing the competetion at Bagsaam this year.
scouse do you remember the roupert bouncying off the wall at corps saam
and woody pulling something
and pins getting disqualified hahahaha
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