Corps Winter Sports Camp 2003 - Warning Order!!

IS Ski Geek

War Hero
The Corps Winter sports camp for 2003 warning order is now out.

If you are interested or your unit wish to attend.
Mail me for details.
NO mate, I just revived it being the silly man i can geek will agree. possibly in a more scathing fashion.

IS Ski Geek

War Hero
Must admit guys thanks for giving me something to laugh my ass off about.
Unfortunately I will not be working on the camp this years as I am in Blandford until the end of December however, no doubt I will get the information soon and will pass it on to all you budding racers out there. :lol:
Sorry guys- just being a tawt for a change....take solace in the fact that I am on battle camp for a week....starting at ouch o clock in the morning....HURRAH! :lol:
The've got you out getting muddy then have they? That'll make up for doing one early from the CLM :wink:


p.s. Dont mention skiing to the geek boy, it only encourages him. Its not you that has to put up with him!!
frequently thanks....its fun but my enthusiasm far outweighs my ability....I am more of a recreational etc......get the rembrandt?
By the way boney.....Battlecamp was a piece of wee wee! (and I was of course white armband brigade, although still kipped out with my unfortunate plt)
Still got back in time for tea and medals though!
Looking at visiting your neck of the woods soon (unfortunately) mines a stella!

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