Corps Week (anyone remember)

New Q

Is it just a sign of the times ?

Do people just not care ?

Is it just too much hard work ?

I am sad to see how little effort is placed on the annual celebration of the formation of the RAMC. I appreciate that this year is difficult but there has been a steady decline over he past 5 years.  I remember when a whole week was spent drinking, marching and playing sport. A time when all RAMC members Officers, Other ranks old and new would come together and celebrate our illustrious Corps.

Does anyone else agree with me or can anyone please explain why the event has slowly dissapeared from our social calenders
Perhaps the way the tw@ts in government have ruined the DMS has something to do with it.

Difficult to have a Corps celebration at RCDM Birmingham; no Messes or anything else remotely military.  

My impression of many of the newer members of the Corps (and of QARANC), is that they see being in the DMS as a job and little else; this is particularly true in MDHUs.  It largely engendered by working the civvy way in civvy hospitals.  

In field units, my impression is that the grey mafia are taking over almost everything clinical that CMTs would otherwise have done, leaving them to stag on or do menial tasks.  Doesn't exactly make people proud of their Corps.

A shame.



The blame lies with us all, with the hierachy for allowing the Drumhead to detieriate into a church service. Us for not fighting it. From hollow square to hollow service. It will be by webcam in 10 years time. With the Seniors for not pushing the Toms in the right direction, the Tom doesn't care, it just messes up a weekend off! The TA like it cos they get paid!

The Corps for chucking the CMT to the grey mafia wolves. Allowing QA's to govern CMT's careers.

The Corps for commissioning 10-15 re-treads every year for the last 7-8 years, who don't even care when the Corps birthday is- In fact they are more bothered making sure they are on leave for their previous Corps or Regts Corps Week. In another 10 years we wont even have an Officer Corps that has come from the 'coal-face'

Its funny how any other capbadge can manage a pi$$-up but the RAMC can't! Its like the Centenary- I can just imagine it at the DGAMS' office- "Bloody hell its the Corps Centenary next week Maj X!"

Rant Over!

New Q

Well its not just me then I actually sat and sulked in my office today after asking the RSM if we could have a parade and being royaly F***ed Off !!!!

New Q

Well QMan you must have seen a 6 year old throw a strop well that would be considered a controlled outburst in comparison ????????

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