Corps Urban Legends?

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Praetorian, Aug 14, 2007.

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  1. I heard a story this week involving an Instructor from our Corps, a barmine, and an explosion, brought on by him jumping on it to prove that it would not be set off by a persons weight.

    Unfortunately his repeated jumping over time had resulted in it being set off?

    Is there any truth in this, or was it an urban myth?

  2. urban but i know a few folks who i would strap too a barmine
  3. When I was doing basic, heard the same story, but it was a MK 7 anti tank mine .....just another load of shite :wink:
  4. :(

    Its still a nice story though!
  5. Heard the same thing on my AT cse years ago, MK7 mine and repeated jumping caused the spring to weaken resulting in rapid acceleration to 4000ft and spreading of himself over 4 football pitches!!!
  6. Like putting your arm through a reel of Det Cord and disposing of it by feeding the cord off your arm into an incinerator. When the reel of cord detonated it must have hurt like hell.
  7. Havn't heard that one before!

    But yeah, it was the same with the bar mine, repeated jumping weakened it!

    Maybe we could make this into a "Corps Urban Myth" thread?
  8. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    My Father in Law an 1950's National service Sapper swears that when on Dems trg the instructor picked up a flash det and crimped a safety fuse to it then putit behind his right ear. Then he picked up another, he didnt get to crimp that one as the first one went bang exposing his thought process!
    The whole squad was awoken the next morning at about 0300 and made to clear a beach of AT mines to keep them focussed!
  9. The det cord type legend actualy happend in Batus after a med man clearing misfired or unused Batsims a few injuries went along with it
  10. Ferking muppets
  11. My first post, hi guys :D

    Yep, when I was in training, 1969-1971 (yep I'm that old but still cool 8) 'cos I'm a Sapper) The story was told about an instructor that used to jump on a live Mk 7, every time he taught the thing. One day he, and the recruits that were having his lesson got a nasty shock, because the spring had, obviously weakend :lol: Of course when I was teaching at Training Regt years later, guess what :wink: No I didn't jump on a live Mk7, Holdfast, I kept the story alive :wink:

    The Story about the reels of det cord are true, I saw the accident reports. Actually there were 4 (I think, could have been as many as 6) sappers involved. They had been given instructions to burn several reals of det cord by cutting it into 0.5 meter lengths. Of course this was taking too long so they, first of all, cut bigger lengths, then bigger. Then one bright spark thought that it would be a good idea to feed the detcord off the reels directly into the fire. Too achieve this one of the muppets put the reel over his arm and the bright spark fed the cord into the fire. Of course the others followed suit. When the inevitable happened all lost pieces of their anatomy, the 2 with the reels lost their crown jewels as well as their arms and eyes, plus they had half their guts removed. The ones feeding the detcord into the fire basically lost their hands. I don't think that any of them died, which is a great surprise.

    There is another one that happened at Training Regt, Tropy and Staffy were timing safety fuse. They were cutting the fuse on a 6ft table where there was also couple of tins of the old 33 flash dets, which came in about 50 to a tin. At first everything was fine, as the tins had the lids on. Later dets were removed, but the lids weren't replaced. Troopy and Staffy come back to the table to test another real of safety fuse, spark leaps into tin of dets which goes off like a grenade, setting off the second tin. Both Troopy and Staffy lost balls and eyes.

    OK time for me to stop, but I do know of a couple of other good ones :roll:
  12. It definately happened on Ex Tight Corner...Germany Circa. '86 a few fieldies clearing up after the ex/demo had finished burning det cord....injuries a plenty :?
  13. Did that happen at Gib Bks? I remember something like that just as I was finishing my B3 Cbt Engr???
  14. The barmine story is from Gib, yeah.