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Discussion in 'REME' started by remerus, Nov 24, 2006.

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  1. Just a quick note to mention the Corps Unofficial Website that can be found at

    Just register as you would for Arrse and away you go, 82 members at the last count.

    See ya there.
  2. Is it the official unofficial corps site, or is it your unofficial corps site?

    I'm confused (easily)
  3. It's a bit dark over there.
  4. Well, because I know your mirth from before this is what it is:

    It is the official unofficial corps site officially controlled by unofficial sources for the purpose of official unofficial Corps business discussion, officially speaking
  5. Sorry, I forgot to put 50p in the meter, it should be a bit brighter now.

  6. Ahh, now I get it - cheers mate :)
  7. I can see why remerus has sprung up. On arrse the REME is just fish in the sea. Whereas on remerus we have our own sea to swim in.
  8. Exactly gundog, and its great to see our moderators doing a bit of PR, cheers gd.

    Everyone is welcome and the mood of REME R US is less malicious than Arrse, although to each his own of course.

    We are geared towards absolutely anyone with a REME interest from Cadets to Potential recruits, serving members to ex-REME.

    Please please pass on the website to your REME mates, we have 91 members now and we have been running since 7th August.

    Lets try to reach the magic Century by Christmas.

    ITS FREE to join, unlike certain other "SOLDIERS SITES", and its got more than just the forums.

    See you all there.
  9. Just looks like a fancy website to replicate a forum like this one, however why not!