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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Liberty, Oct 1, 2003.

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  1. Traditions within the corps have been a slightly veiled topic in some threads running at the moment, so in the hope that I’ll get at least one sensible reply. (back-stabbing, arse-kissing and the like are symptoms of weak soldiers, and so not Traditions, so if that’s all your going to add you might as well save yourself some time and effort)

    I have to admit that I’m probably very weak on Corps Traditions, things like, do we always fall out to the right do we ask for permission to do things or ask for leave, is it Orders or Memoranda, Line belts what colour and when, appointment Titles, and curiously the Mafioso (think its spelt wrong)
    Is there a guide to the traditions of the Corp, or do we adopt them from our Royal Engineer fathers?
  2. Liberty...all dealt with in SOinC's PDs, though admittedly some are in need of some updating. They are held in most RHQs and are usually in varying states of update :wink:
  3. msr

    msr LE

    When being photographed, ensure that at least one hand is in your pocket and that you are pointing at something technical, or failing that, a whiteboard which has lots of complicated technical words on it...

  4. and only ever touch those things nasty things that go bang once a year less if possible :twisted:
    unless sigs a warry super hero like shotgun hiding amognst them :twisted:
  5. Got one, got one, me me me.

    Plan a really really big free family fun day out, right next to an exercise.

    and pretend everyone had a day to remember!!!!!!!!!!!!

    horaar the Corp
  6. My favorite is when your boss volunteers you for every jif going and then gets awarded a gong. I like the traditional open letter saying that the hard work was done by the lads and really the gong is for every one. :twisted:
  7. Badges! Sigs love badges! I have never seen a corps who wear so many :!:
  8. Grrr! Badges!

    I hate them!

    :evil: :evil: :evil:

    apart from that, god bless the only 'royal corps' (everyone else is the corps of royal somethings) and a tradition is something that we can start today, as long as we keep doing it tomorrow...

    anyway, yeah, badges....grrr

    ask me about them sometime.
  9. With you there BT. Getting issued 2 and then the assumption that you will go and feed the PRI fund by buying enough to actually get your kit in order. I got my deserts with UJ's already on, which was a start.

    My current unit only gives you 1 badge, but the bonus is that its backed with velcro and the tailoress sows a velcro patch onto all your kit for you - seems like a good idea to me. If every unit done it this way, you would only need 1 badge and you would already have the velcro attached - saving time and money :p
  10. But hey boney_m,

    You then go to a boy scout unit and off comes all the velcro and on goes the PRI fund stuff (oops, sorry, I mean official badges....)
  11. In my exoerience the Cavalry have traditions, the Guards have customs and the Royal Corps (bless their little cotton socks) merely have anoying little habits
  12. Here's one for ya... Only 2 RSig units can wear Tartan. Any ideas??

    QGS and 32 (Scottish)Sigs....

    Up the STAB's.