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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Dubb_al_Ibn, Mar 10, 2007.

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  1. Going to a meal tonight, jacket and tie, sort of thing. I've got a dark blue suit and a black suit and would like to wear the Corps tie. But the more I look at it, the more I think it doesn't "go." Too much green.

    Even the 24 Company tie (lots more red) looks better but that still looks as if its from a prep school. And I won't wear the R Signals one on a matter of principal (another story, another thread!).

    I know ties are going out of fashion and I must be a reactionary old git to even consider wearing one on a Saturday night but is it time for a new Corps tie, colours and design reflecting the Corps of the 21 century (and more important, actually looking coordinated with a blue, grey or black jacket) ?

    Anyone out there with an artistic bent and some fresh ideas ?
  2. The simple answer to your dilemma would be to wear an Arrse tie. :thumleft:
  3. Wear the Corps tie and nothing else. you would certainly get the conversation started.
  4. The fact you can't wear it with much is all part of the charm! It looks ok with a very dark pinstripe suit and white shirt though.

    I do hope yours is silk and not of the cheap and nasty polyester variety by the way....................
  5. point me at the arrse ties :)
  6. Regimental or corps ties are not meant to "go" with anything FFS. It is nice if you can co-ordinate them, perhaps with a nice plain shirt or possibly even to the colour of your suit but if it's green, then it's green. Funnily enough my old school tie is exactly like the Int. Corps tie and I have been accused of sliminess on a couple of occasions.

    My prime regimental tie, the flashing lightning of the RA (or cart tracks or whatever myth you adhere to) looks pretty good with most suits. My other corps, the R SIGNALS, has a tie which looks good with blue suits and I often wear it on 11 November.
  7. The 49 Para Int Troop tie may be the one you are looking for,

    perfect for Town, just as the regular Corps tie is for Country
    only if you tell them what it is, you have to kill them !!

    There are a few still qualified to wear the 92 Security Section Duty Agent tie
  8. Thanks for the feedback. When I got there (Italian restaurant), every other bloke said, "Oh, you're not wearing a tie, are you...?" They all looked like a bunch of rugby pundits, nice suit, expensive shoes, dress shirt but open collar.

    Standards, eh?

    But the question still stands. Designs, colour(s), motifs etc. for a 21st century Corps tie ? Something in silver with a hologram ? Goretex ?
  9. Does the Museum collect examples of the different Corp ties? I have one I picked up in Hong Kong that I am unlikely ever to wear.
  10. Wouldn't have an imperialist pig, a capitalist running dog, and their red blood spilt on the soil of the motherland, would it?

  11. Just found out that St Patricks RC High School in Salford has a School tie that is virtually identical to our beloved Corps tie!
  12. Um - yes - someone donated their collection (after received an ultimatum from their wife...)
  13. "Someone donated their collection" ...just think about that. Someone actually took the time and trouble to collect Int Corps ties. Obviously, not from a busy section, then.

    There was a rumour that the 24 Coy tie was originally a regimental tie from the Indian Army. Anyone shed any light on that particular bit of F6 ?