Corps tent at the Army V Navy.

Apart from being relegated to the car park, I was quite impressed with the tent.

Plenty of old mates I'd not seen in years and a good smattering of corps ties to laugh at.

Only suprises being beer prices and the large number of half decent ladies, who couldn't have been in the RLC.

I didn't see any arrse T-shirts though.
We say yes to the car park as I was able to keep my pink band and give my ticket to some loser.......WHO ACTUALLY WENT TO SEE THE GAME! Kids these days! Anyone hear any good rumours or stories?

I'll kick off: I was told of a Captain who's OC has been skiing for 6 months and as the only person in her Sqn above the rank of Lt, she has been working frankly intense hours for six months (every hour, every day stylee.) The OC has returned as the conquering hero only to cancel said girl's Captain's cse as he “can't afford to lose her for 5 weeks!” (It’s a career cse!)

…………….I saw that lads Army goon (Nookie) trying to catch everyone’s eye in a kind of I'm famous doncha know kind of way.
We saw Nooky too, he was mincing past at the same time one of the lads swamped into a glass promptly spilling it over himself and everyone around him.

The bystanders thought it was beer:twisted:

Where you stood Ford? Our little throng was at the right hand side of the bar.

No gossip, too busy catching up with old mates.
Gave Nooky some well-deserved stick for his appearance on Trisha - and for being a fanny as a 'Ba-Ba'!

Had a cracking day, met loads of people I hadn't seen in ages. Sadly, we all seemed much older (and heavier! Doh!)

Already planning for next year, tours permitting.
Good tent, quick service, band was bloody loud but o.k., but too many posers in Corps ties giving it the old "Look sir - i'm here"!
Army got some grief from pink gin swillers in my part of the stand - calling us the "Fijian ArmY"! Soem wag suggested that if they are prepared to teach them to mess about in boats then they can 'ave the lot of them!!
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