Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by subrosa, May 28, 2008.

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  1. Can the mods advise how to get locked topic "INT CORPS TA RECRUIT SELECTION - THE OFFICIAL ANSWER" changed to reflect the fact there are now 2 TA Bns, with the formation of 5MI in April?

    In essence anyone outside London should be looking at 5. Suggested amendments in bold.

    "Anyone wishing to join the Int Corps TA; 3 MI Bn (V) or 5 MI Bn (V) can find details on their website (follow links from the main Corps site). In outline the process is:

    The interested party contacts local Coy or HQ 3 or 5 MI Bns

    Invited for interview with Permanent Staff Administration Officer (PSAO).

    Basic background checks on education and nationality.

    Recommended for assessment by the PSAO.

    Basic medical.

    Battalion selection weekend - mental and physical assessment.

    Offer of a place if found suitable.

    TA Common Military syllabus (CMS) training following initial training at TA Centre.

    Follow-on CMS training at the TA Centre.

    Trade Training.

    The time taken to complete the process varies depending on the time the individual is able to commit to the TA. "
  2. A quick scan of the relevant RFCA websites shows that these too are behind the curve regarding information on 5 MI Bn (V).