Corps Subscriptions

Are corps subs value for money?

  • Yes it payed for more mess silver and a new pair of brogues and cords

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  • no! Im an OR and dont get a look in!

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Has any one other than DRLC and his cronies actually benefitted from them? Does any one know if subs payed for him (DRLC) being immortalised on canvas?

I dont think the "stainer" qualifies as a benefit, unless you are employed in its production?
I love my "cherry picker" red cords and Loakes brogues. Thanks boys :lol:
The boys in 1 GS REALLY benefit from them. They pay for the regt'l ski team to fcuk off for protracted period of time whilst we cover their duties!
Learn to fcuking ski then
Its not the choice of sport, its the grossly disproportionate amount of time and energy wasted on so few, so the COs of Regts can rock up to skiing events and engage in some mutual fellatio!

Our kit may be fcuked, our soldiers don't have do courses but hey we win the Princess Marina cup! Who actually cares?
I have never received a single benefit from Corps Subs, complete waste of my money!

Any of the crap schemes the Army runs to ensure its gormless officers get to have a good time at ORs expense just annoy me! DRLC is not the worst offender either. Some of the Generals may as well just be taking it straight from your wallet.

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