Corps Subs

Corps subs. A valuable contribution to the life of the corps, or just money demanded with menace when you`re on your Detties and SGT`s courses? :twisted:
Not my capbadge, but aren't both these options a tad negative? I can't believe that everyone feels that the situation in the Royal Signals (whinging again) is that bad??
OK so I fcuked up the first time and forgot to add the "valuable contribution" option, but I`ve tried to put it on by editing the post, and it won`t let me. Must have thicknician recognition software on this site! Never mind, feeling a bit negative at the mo, might try later!
I have known a number of people who have been helped out of a fairly tight spot with help from Corps funds !

No matter how organised you may think you have your life and your own personal admin, you never know when you or yours may need that bit of help !

Not to mention all the other things it is used for.

If you feel pressed into paying it - the only thing that proves is that you have not got the bollocks to stand up and say "not for me chef"

:!: :!:
A One side Myopic poll!!!

Don't winge, but if you feel you are not willing to support the non public and welfare activity of the Corps then just say so. But don't apply for adventure trg grants, don't ask for Corps money to buy regimental sports equipment, explain to Mrs Bloggs why the Corps wont help her out when her hubby who served in the Corps has just died without sorting out life insurance ( and yes there are lots of those out there). Write to all the old guys from the Corps Association and tell then there is no RSA weekend because we have withdrawn sponsorship.

The Corps is a family and we all need to share the burden - Officers pay 1 3/4 days pay and Non Commissioned ranks pay 1 days pay. The more you are paid the more you contribute ( fairly socialist in reality) and the major benefactors are serving young soldiers who make up our sports teams and go Adv Trg and the families of ex soldeirs who have fallen on hard times.

Does this make you want to ask the moderator to delete this string?? It bloddy well should.
Ive seen people have to unpack their suitcase after trying to get on a cheapo Adventure training then the Adj checked to see the if they donated or not.

My wife whinges when she see it go out of my pay packet but to be honest it is not that much to give and I have a greater sense of Corp pride knowing my contribution helps all and should I want Adv Trg or something tragic happens help is there.

Im not saying the Corp must be your life, but as soldiers we are a family that looks after its own. A days pay paid over 12 months is not such a hardship.

But if your not happy then have the balls to go up in front of the big man and tell him to stuff it, courage of conviction ? after all it is your money!
Does this make you want to ask the moderator to delete this string?? It bloddy well should.
Don`t bother, did it myself, couldn`t get the poll to say what I wanted.
And yes, I do pay them, voluntarily. And no, I`ve never had any of the good stuff associated with them, but its nice to Know its there.
So thank you to everyone who answered informatively, and to those who got all self-righteous, cheers!

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