corps subs??

do serving personel still have to pay corps subs each month? and what exactly did we pay them for ?
as i remember we were forced to pay them along with the credit rip off during basic
yes what ever happened to the money we were paid in basic
not allowed to the naafi, therefore no money spent.
even with the tracksuit riff off and the statutory mattress at the end surly we must have saved some
ahh those credits what did they stand for?


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Try paying for Sgt mess fees when you dont have a Sgt's mess....????
can we claim them back ,like endowment mortage compensation for bad advice and a crap product lol.

when in basic id added up in my head that i was due a fair chunk of money after 13 weeks but infact got hardy half of what id expected and was well shafted.
does anybody really know what the reme association has done for us?
I understood that the deduction for REME Association was half a day's pay a year. Return from the Association doesn't kick in until you're old and crinkly (or at least have been demobbed) when the money is used to help blokes who are in dificulties for a variety of reasons.


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Don’t knock it, you may need it some day and you may have even already benefited without knowing about it. Corps Subs cover several bases including the Corps Association and Benevolent Fund. As a onceuponatime OC who made several successful applications to the fund, I can say that that the funds are frequently used to the benefit of serving as much as the old and bold. For obvious reasons – benefit cases are not widely publicised. You will, however, often see credit for Corps money that helps younger soldiers participate in adventurous training and sport.


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As a Britsh Legion case worker of many years please trust me when I say those monies paid in are well appreciated by those who have need of them later in life . I have had so many cases where , without Corps funds of whatever Corps, ex service people would not be able to servive . Think of it like an insurance policy , you hope you will never need it but it sure is nice to know it is there , not just for you but your spouse as well.
It's also worth remembering that it doesn't matter if you've served two years or twenty two if your case is deserving the Association will do all it can to help you if you are in difficulties.

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