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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by big_d_nuts, May 24, 2006.

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  1. As a great fan of many sports, i am very happy that most sports are represented with a corps team. I was just wondering what other peoples views are on sports that can be played with a pint by one's side, such as snooker, pool and darts. Many argue that these aren't sports, yet are internationally recognised. Surely a team, or even a mere gathering of players on a regular occasion would have the same effects as other sports: Esprit de Corps, Socialising, Sense of competition etc, whilst also broadening the range, enabling those who may be bonk at other sports, to have a go?
  2. dominoes???

    I'll get me coat 8O
  3. Naked Bar Sliding!

    Woo Hoo. We surely would win Gold if this was an olympic sport
  4. are we allowed to use swarfega???

    Yes..this is a gender fair sport. Women can play too :twisted:
  5. Dwarf Hurling
  6. The Corps is always looking for more volunteers as potential sports reps. Can I suggest you put your proposals to the next Sports Board meeting. 8)
  7. If anyone does manage to get a Dwarf Tossing team together, I would like to volunteer my services. As a Tosser, that is, not a Tossee.

  8. Nah mate.

    You'll always be thought of as a tosser...

    That was too f@ckin easy!!!!! :headbang:
  9. Seconded!!!!! That there is a sport for heroes, winners and warriors!
  10. Exactimondo my dear DD.
  11. And those who enjoy splinters in their b0llocks!
  12. Cat herding! Try it, you know you want to. Miaow!

    Ice :wink: