Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by G3Ops, Apr 26, 2005.

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  1. Cool G3 I only knew a couple of versus of that!!
  2. G3- I reckon that you have frequented many a bar in your time? :D
  3. only driver lineman puffs dont know the song..............try asking the propper combat lineman
  4. I always thought this was the Corps song..................dildo song
  5. That has obviously been updated, as the first time I heard it, 7 quad and ERVs were a thing of the future. It was 6 channels and 10 pairs. Get some time in !
  6. Guru,

    To the tune of 'Hersham Boys'

    'Rawson Boys, Rawson Boys,
    Laced up boots and corduroys'

    You gone red yet, Rawson Boy....??

    Ha Ha
  7. No Mr Sunday, Not at all. I am deeply pround of my past in (frequently Champion Squadron) Rawson. And you, as a Bradley fellow are beneath my contempt. Now we were there when the (in)famous toothbrushing took place and we both know which squadron was a pit of depravity. And also, any association between me and Sham 69, however tenuous, is welcomed